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The Goods is Open for trade! We are located near the CS in River Plain at 1612, 2856, just behind beetle's garden.

Go to to access The Goods.

How do I log in to The Goods site?

If you have never logged in to the wiki with a Tale6 OpenID you will need to follow a few simple instructions to create an OpenID to allow you to login to The Goods website. If you are using an OpenID login for the wiki from another tale you will want to create a new Tale 6 OpenID.

Before you can log in to the wiki you must set your webpass in game:

  • Log into the game and type /webpass password
    • (meaning you replace password with a password of your choice - but not your game or bank one!).
  • Wait till you see the notification in game that your account data has been uploaded.
  • Login to the wiki. This will prompt you to enter your avatar name to create your OpenID. Please make note that this will be case sensitive for your login to The Goods.

Once you have logged in to the wiki and created your OpenID you can now use your OpenID to log in to The Goods by following these steps:

    • NOTE: OpenID is case sensitive for logging into The Goods. For example: if your game name is Chloe but you logged in to the wiki and created your OpenID with chloe you must use the lowercase version to log in to The Goods.
  • To login to The Goods website at you will need to use your OpenID in this format: (note you must use the entire string, just using tale6/YourName is not sufficient)
  • The site will ask you to enter your password and confirm that you trust the site.

If you have questions or have issues logging on to The Goods website please contact a Teller.

Donation Status: What does the D next to those items mean?

If you see the letter D next to an item and hover your mouse over the D symbol you will see a donation amount. In order for a resource to become open for trade we require that a certain donation level be met. If the amount of a good that you are 'selling' is less than the donation amount and the good is still under 'donation status' YOU WILL NOT BE PAID for that good. Once donation levels are met items become available for trade and any further sales of the item are paid. It is acceptable to bring an amount that exceeds the donation level and at the same time sell additional units for profit (only the amounts that complete the donation level would be unpaid).

Joining the Goods Guild

You do not have to join The Goods guild in order to make a trade. It is easier to contact a Teller if you do, but Traders and The Goods Guild members will look out for Teller requests in other channels, such as Egypt and Alcyone chat and pass them on as necessary when possible.

Joining the guild costs 200 boards and 300 bricks, which must be given to a Goods Teller. The Tellers are Asnath, BL, Darwishi, Orchid, Osidion, . If you would like to help but don't need your donation credited towards eventual membership, you can put bricks and boards in the Goods guild hall at River Plain, 1612, 2872 (Behind Beetle Garden, very close to CS). If you would like them credited, give them to a Teller.


The Goods is a not-for-profit trading company, run by volunteers. In Telling One The Goods was founded by Baf who was inspired by the Traders Bank of Phoenicia Commodity Exchange. It was a qualified success, limited mostly by the cost in time and effort of transporting materials to and from the relatively remote location in the North of Egypt (first in North Valley of the Kings and then in North Cat's Claw Ridge). In Telling Two The Goods moved to a central location in Red Sea Oasis and became more successful than we ever envisaged. In Telling Three The Goods once again moved to be in a central location in Seven Lakes. For Tale 4 it operated in north Shabbat Ab, and for Tale 5 it was located in Alcyone. We are now centrally located in River Plain, close to cs, behind beetle Garden.


The Goods mission is to assist citizen retention in Egypt by facilitating trade. The Goods' special concern is to trade items to new players and soloers that they are unable to produce themselves. Of course the more goods we have the easier it is for us to supply people with the goods they need, when they need them.

Facilitating trade isn't just about large trades or high-priced items. Nearly every newcomer who enters Egypt winds up needing supplies, often in small quantities. We minimize the time and effort involved in trade by providing a simple self-correcting pricing system for all generic commodities.


The Goods is run by The Goods Board of Directors (TGBoD). A list of TGBoD members will be posted soon; in the mean time, you can refer to the list of Tellers on The Good's website (login required). TGBoD makes all decisions about what items The Goods carries, and all such decisions are final.

What We Trade

For the most part, we are willing to trade in any generic commodity. By "generic" we mean items that are not, in the game's terminology, "unique" or "complex" - things without special properties. This includes every kind of metal, fish, vegetable, and mushroom. It also includes worked items such as nails.

Some examples of items that we do not consider to be generic: hatchets, carpentry blades, metal shovels, flax seeds, resin and paint. If the item appears in your items list with a ":" and a quality or other description after, then The Goods does not trade it.

Our pricing system depends on the stock being arbitrarily extensible. We will not stock Octec crystals, ground fireworks, or any other resource that citizens will not be able to produce more of.

Some special generic cases

We will not stock mud, sand, or any other resource that can be gathered in arbitrarily large quantities "without proportional effort". Thus we neither buy nor sell tadpoles. Since you can always improve your tadpole-collection rate by making more jugs, the number of tadpoles you collect is proportional to something more like the square root of the effort involved.

We will not stock any resource that decays over time, such as beer, or that requires attention or maintenance beyond mere storage, such as sheep.

This telling we will generally be applying a 15K limit on any one item stocked by The Goods. There may be exceptions on an item-by-item basis to be decided by TGBoD.

The Goods Guild

The Goods Guild exists to provide a chat channel to facilitate requests for Tellers, to offer help to Traders who may be having problems with their Goods trade and for Goods Directors to make Goods announcements. (All The Goods infrastructure, compounds and chest farms, are guilded to TGBoD.)

The Goods Service Announcement

Please note that The Goods is NOT a 24/7 service. The Goods is administered by unpaid volunteers and thus we do not provide a continuous shift of Tellers. Tellers simply being online does not mean that they available as they have other commitments. Rudely demanding a Teller or being abusive to Tellers privately, in Main, in regional chat or in the Goods Guild channel may result in you being refused service and in extreme cases (if a member of the Goods) being expelled from the Guild.

For More Information

Contact Asnath / Darwishi in-game if you have questions that aren't answered here.

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