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A Quarry Crashing Service

Are you tired of looking at that old quarry?

  • Maybe a Guild-mate gave it to you before he left Egypt?
  • Maybe a friend gave it to you as a present?
  • Maybe you are a sneaky DPA ninja?

Well Friends...

  • If you need money..
  • If you need goods for upgrading..
  • If you are just tired of that old Quarry in the back 40..

THE WENCH can help!

Here's what we do

  • We gather the copper,iron,and tin ores from only the best mines!
    • We smelt the ores down into the finest metals!
      • We then cast the metals into gears according to our rigorous specs!
        • After that we custom build our gearbox to work in your Quarry!
  • Our Chef prepares the finest food!
  • We travel to your site..
  • We do all the digging
    • On a serious note, You need to transfer a minimum of 3 quarries, and one of them must be a tier 3 (see below) or higher marble.

By now you must be asking yourself..

  • How much is all this service going to cost me??

Well Friends, here's how it works. After busting the Quarry,

  • 40% goes to THE WENCH
  • 60% goes to you the customer.

NO Fuss NO Muss, just sit back and collect!!!

Listen to what some of our customers have said.

  • WOW, I collected over 10,000 goodscript just sitting at home. Next month i'm trying for 20,000.
  • I got tired of looking at that Quarry everyday. I called THE WENCH and i'm glad i did. They came out, cleaned up that eyesore, and gave me marble to boot.
  • I used to see quarry's everywhere. Who knew they were actually worth something.

So join the millions of satisfied customers... When you think quarry...think THE WENCH!!!

For Trades, Please contact one of our Sales Representatives:

A Run Down:

  • Must have at least 3 quarries, one of which being tier 3 or higher (see below).
  • Must have a kitchen that I can use within 300 coordinates.
  • Send me a list of the needed gearboxes (primary only) for each quarry.
  • After you send me each gearbox req, transfer me the ownership of the quarries.

The Shop

The WENCH also offers sales of our own marble in stock. All prices are in the form of our Booty Scrip conversions. Prices are non-negotiable. If a the total price comes to a decimal, the price will be rounded up.

Booty Values:

The Breakdown
Wood 1 Booty
Charcoal 2.1 Booty
Beeswax 3 Booty
Sterile Papyrus 3.25 Booty
Clay 3.8 Booty
Cabbage 4 Booty
Slate 10.66 Booty
Fertile Papyrus 10.66 Booty
Cuttable Sunstone 800 Booty


Marble Tiers and Costs
TIER 1 OSM, YA, MG, WT, CG 800 Booty
TIER 2 NG, Grey Star, Green Sun, RA, CT 1000 Booty
TIER 3 WA, BP, HW 1200 Booty
TIER 4 Serpentine 1400 Booty
TIER 5 Tangerine, Tiger, Leopard 2000 Booty
TIER 6 Island Blue, Jade, Mountain 3000 Booty
Tier 7 Everything higher than 30 per. Rare stock, great for offering vaults. 4000 Booty

Our Stock:

Oyster Shell 5
Yellow Alabaster 0
Mud Granite 38
White Travertine 16
Canary Granite 10
Night Granite 0
Grey Star 0
Green Sun 0
Rose Alabaster 0
Cherry Travertine 0
White Alabaster 0
Blue Pearl 3
Hornets Wing 25
Serpentine 0
Tangerine 0
Tiger's Eye 3
Leopards Paw 0
Island Blue 0
Jade 10
Mountain Marble 5
Fire Rock 10

For a bulk order that I do not have enough in stock for, or if you would like a marble type I do not have in stock (big or small order) send me a chat with a minimum of 48 hours in advance of when you need the marble.

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