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Using OpenID in A Tale in the Desert

Before you can log in you must set your webpass in game:

  • Log into the game
  • Type /webpass atitd.org password (meaning you replace password with a password of your choice - this should not be the same as your game password)
  • Wait till you see the notification in game that your account data has been uploaded.
  • After registering, you can log in on this wiki with a plain username and select your shard, or with the OpenID URL below
    • Your open id can be used on any site accepting OpenID and is:

See the OpenID page for additional help, come to IRC (http://atitd.org/irc/ ) or contact FaceAnkh by ingame chat.


ATITD6 supports the OpenID standard for single signon between Web sites. OpenID lets you log into many different Web sites without using a different password for each. Our goal is to allow you a single account with a single password to game, wiki and forum, and any other services we add in future to this site.


If you want to use the atitd.org OpenID server to save your users having to create accounts for your ATITD-related website, see the third party sites section on the OpenID page.

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