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University Text: Only one flock of Ibis inhabits Egypt. Tagging a single bird causes it to flee, but the rest of the flock is unfazed. The flock tends to move at night, and resettle in the morning.



Ibis can be found between 6am and 6pm (morning/day) Egyptian game-time. They tend to be in flocks of 25.

They always live on the edge of any large body of water, like the Nile or Red Sea.



You may only capture one ibis per Egyptian day. In practice, this seems to mean one ibis per 24 Egyptian hours rather than one ibis per spawn. You cannot tag two ibis within 24 Egyptian hours, even if the two ibis are in different spawns.

Once tagged, you receive an Ibis Feather from the Ibis.

Useful Information

  • Any ibis not tagged by 6:00pm will despawn. T7ok small.gif
  • It is a courtesy to announce the flock of Ibis somewhere. Whether or not you want to inform your guild brothers and sisters first, or your close friends, or straight away post their location in the Egypt channel, is up to you. But if you want to see some fun havoc after you've spotted the flock, announce it in Egypt and see some people go into panic-mode.
  • When you announce a flock's location, please mention the region, its coordinates and where it is close to (e.g. schools or universities, for example).
  • It is a courtesy for someone to stay with the flock, and keep announcing how many there are left.
  • It is a courtesy for people on their way to the flock to announce that fact. Others coming from far can then estimate if there would be any left on their arrival, thus making a decision to go or not.
  • It is considered poor sportsmanship to build obstructions to prevent an ibis from being visible, e.g. a mine or quarry. Likewise, ibis cannot be "reserved"-- they are strictly first come, first serve. You run, you take your chances.

Previous Ibis Sightings

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Flying Ibis

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