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I have a user page! Go Me!

Coalition for Creative Collaborators

  • We have No Position on Freedom vs. Security.
  • We favor Economic Growth over Environmental Protection.
  • We favor Freedom of Expression over Public Decency.
  • We have No Position on Equality vs. Achievement.
  • We have No Position on Judicial Temperance vs. The Rule of Law.
  • We favor Inclusion over Freedom of Association.
  • We have No Position on Privacy vs. Accountability.
  • We favor Common Good over Individuality. Pending Change -- Not Implemented Yet
  • We favor Rehabilitation over Punishment.
  • We favor Local Sovereignty over National Unity.
  • We favor Swift Justice over Rights of the Accused.
  • We have No Position on Expediency vs. Checks and Balances.
  • We favor Investment over Immediate Need.
  • We have No Position on Trial by Jury vs. Council of Elders

You're probably looking for my Ovens Page