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PlayerMeet US 2009

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Links to Playersmeet Photos and Videos:

Tawret - http://tinyurl.com/arjta3
Hecate - http://tinyurl.com/au6zw2
CatharsisQueen - http://tinyurl.com/c3g5uw
Teao Video - http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6D53821E74209A1C
Pluribus - http://gallery.pluribusgames.com/v/ATITDMEET2009/
Hatnofret - http://picasaweb.google.com/hscheidler/ATITDPlayerMeet2009?authkey=Gv1sRgCJ6ry_2TxLj7KQ#

The US Player Meet is being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 28th through March 1st. Your in-game billing menu contains an option to purchase a new Player Meet Monkey for $75. In addition to bragging rights and the pride of ownership, purchasing one allows you to attend the Player Meet with all the fun and excitement you can handle . . . meals, meetings, monkey business and more! *Please see the Schedule for activities that are included.* Your monkey will immigrate to Egypt once you place your order. If you are not currently playing the game, either log in your old avatar for the free trial period or create a new trial account to access the billing menu. Per Teao, you may need to contact Teppy directly for assistance if you do not have a current account.

I don't see how to order the monkey in trial period without entering a ccard # by paying for a month. - Teao
Teppy had to do something to my account to let me pay w/o paying for a month.

DEADLINE! The deadline to purchase your monkey at the $75 rate is noon, US eastern standard time on Thursday, February 26, 2009. Monkeys purchased "at the door" during the meet (from February 27 to March 1) will cost $150.

We have a special group rate at the Wyndham University Center of $90 per room per night plus reduced parking fees. Suites are also available at a special rate. The deadline for reserving rooms under the group block was February 4, 2009. If you still need to reserve a room, please contact PlayerMeet to coordinate this with the hotel and try to get the group rate. *click here for Hotel Information page*

Transportation is available. The airport and the eGenesis office are within 20 miles (30 minutes) driving distance from the hotel. The Wyndham has an airport shuttle ($43 round trip), we're trying to coordinate volunteers to greet people at the airport. Please update the attendee page with your flight and arrival information. We will pair you with a volunteer, if available early the week of the player meet and plan to have you exchange contact information with that person. Carpools may also be appreciated by those traveling to the meet by car. *click here for Attendees* Phipps Conservatory is less than one mile from the Wyndham and all other venues are within five blocks of the hotel. For those who need assistance or may have concerns about walking, the Wyndham provides a free shuttle service within a three mile radius and we’ll have vehicles available for even short hops if needed. *click here for Maps & Directions*

More information on the hotel, transportation and a tentative schedule of events is available on the wiki. For any questions, concerns, suggestions for activities or to volunteer to help during the meet, please chat Player Meet either in-game, on the IRC or by email at PlayerMeet@live.com.

Please check back regularly for additional updates and information.

  • Attendees
    Please add your info to this page to help organize carpooling from the airport.
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