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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Rope is one of the finished flax goods. It is made in a Distaff. Each deben of rope requires 5 debens of Twine to create. Load the twine into the Small Distaff and spin the twine into Rope. It takes 1 minute to produce 1 Rope.

Rope takes up 1 Bulk and 1 Weight.

From tow it processes like this: 5 tow -> 15 twine -> 3 rope. You need 1 2/3 deben of tow (and hence make 1 2/3 deben of flax) to make one deben of rope.

  • See the Flax page.


Required By

Airship Construction, Aqueduct Construction Site, Basic Sign, Carpentry Shop, Charm of Flight, Chemistry Laboratory, Citizenship, Clay Lamp, Deep Well, Ferry Boat, Flax Gin, Flax Hammock, Flint Hammer, Flying Airship, Long-Range Ferry, Mason's Bench, Master's Casting Box, Mechanics, Medium Construction Site, Medium House, Mine, Pottery Wheel, Principles of Thought, Raeli Oven, Rock Saw, Scholar's Gem Cutting Table, Sculpture, Small Construction Site, Small House, Stone Quarry, Tale of Journey, Tent, Test of the Venery, Test of the Venery/Bastet, and Vineyard

Produced By

Large Distaff, and Small Distaff

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