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  • Start script with Alt+Shift+b
  • Pause with Ctrl+Alt+p
  • Reset (stop) with Ctrl+Alt+r

This macro is made for 1280x1024 resolution, on Windows Vista. Other OS's may need to have the coordinate variables updated. Use AutoHotKey's Window Spy for changing the coordinates. Hopefully, the variable names are well enough documented that you can figure out what they are for.

Make sure your Barrel Vise is empty, and that there are no unfinished or finished projects in it. The coordinates in this macro assume the Barrel Vise is Guilded. Pin a Guilded Barrel Vise window in the upper left corner of your screen. Double click the .ahk file to load it into memory, then use the keyboard commands above to start the macro off.

The reason this is a zip file is because it contains a .png image of the Take button that needs to be in the same directory as the script.

The Take portion of the macro isn't perfect, and may need intervention at times. Remember that to stop the macro, use the Pause or Reset keyboard commands above.

If you are having trouble downloading the .zip, try using Firefox.

Download Zip File

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