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Voice Chat

Miss Team Speak? We're now running Mumble

See http://mumble.atitd.org/

To create an account on mumble go to http://mumble.atitd.org/cgi-bin/murmur.pl

  • server address: mumble.atitd.org
  • port: 64738

Who's on? See http://mumble.atitd.org/cgi-bin/viewer.pl

If you need help, find nchanter and/or drop into IRC.

Linux Fedora

Fedora has no Mumble package. And compiling it yourself is a PITA. But I found a webpage which hosts statically linked binaries. They are officially for Debian(Etch), but I got it to work with some extra steps (Trying to start it will probably point to some missing libraries. And you have to do some symlinking for libcrypto and the alsa.conf).


This doesn't seem to come with the needed library for overlay support though. But it beats having to compile Mumble yourself.

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