The Wiki for Tale 6 is in read-only mode and is available for archival and reference purposes only. Please visit the current Tale 11 Wiki in the meantime.

If you have any issues with this Wiki, please post in #wiki-editing on Discord or contact Brad in-game.

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This wiki exists to document the game and to provide a community scratchpad for the players. You can find Guides on things such as growing flax, an Atlas of interesting places, and various personal pages created by the Users and Guilds. If you're looking to buy and sell, try Trading. Visit the community portal for info on current events, debates on the forums, or just random chatter. These links and many more can be found in the wiki sidebar to the left.

Anyone with an ATITD game account can edit any page on this site, but you will need to log in first. Please read the user's guide and information on formatting to see how to edit, and read our Policies before editing. Politics are not welcome (exception: Users pages, but no personal attacks please) and, if you want to discuss something such as laws, you'll find the forums more suitable. If you have any difficulties, please ask around in game or contact a wiki admin.

If you have a suggestion for how to improve the wiki software, please add it to the Suggestions page. If you have a suggestion for improving the content, please just go ahead and do it! If you want to contribute but don't know how, start creating missing pages listed here, or verify the information in pages containing unchecked content copied from the T5 wiki.

We also have a voice chat server set up for Mumble.

T6 Monuments

All seven Monuments have been constructed. For more details, see the Monuments page.

Tale 7

Tale 7 is nearly upon us. Unofficial T7 FAQ

Pluribus is taking comments for Tale 7 here on the wiki and on the forums. Feel free to join the discussion.

Tale 7 beta info page link your beta pages here

Egypt-Wide Chat Channels

Listen To Public Broadcast System (L2PBS)

Aimed at general discussion.

To Join, type: /join L2PBS


Aimed at trade requests, other chat will be moderated out.

To Join, type: /join Bazaar

The Learning Channel

Learning Channel

To Join, type: /join The Learning Channel

Worship station

Aimed at helping players for the Tests of the Vigil, Pilgrim, Leavened Bread, Humble Priest, and for Beacon activity. Tune in for DP debates as well.

To join, type: /join Worship station

the HIVE To join, contact any elder and sign up at the Guild Hall.

How To Register

Note: that only people with T6 accounts can log into and edit the wiki. Anyone can read the wiki without an account.

Before you can log in you must set your webpass in game:

  • Log into the game and type /webpass password
    • (meaning you replace password with a password of your choice - but not your game or bank one!).

You can read a full guide on our OpenID page.

How to Log In

The ATitD wiki uses OpenID to manage login accounts, allowing you to use the same user name in the game, in the forums, and on the wiki without setting up additional accounts. You can find login instructions on the OpenID page.

If you have problems logging in, please come to #atitd-wiki in IRC or contact Nchanter or Rogarian by forum PM.


See full details on current and past events on the Events page


Information from Tale 5

If you copy information directly from an old Tale, make sure you tag the page with the {{T5}} template so that it is clear that the information needs checking!

Also, as we clean up these pages please use T6ok small.gif {{6ok}} to mark specific information as having been verified. Information that still needs to be verified should be marked with T6N.png {{6}}.


Miscellaneous Links

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