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This Atlas gives information about ATITD's regions, natural features and human creations of note.

Ceg's Egypt Map w/ Coordinate Finder:

  • Allows you to enter unlimited coordinates and have them display on a 'wiki style' Google map.
  • Hover/Balloon tooltips, on markers, will display the following info: Region, nearest 2 Chariots (even if they are Hinterlands coordinates), and distance to both chariots.
  • You can additionally have the map show Schools and/or Universities for a single region or all regions (Good for landmark reference). Those markers will also show the nearest 2 Chariots and distances to both.
  • Provides a link to send a friend one coordinate, so upon clicking they will immediately see a location/marker. ie,0 (just replace 0,0 with a valid coordinate)
    • If someone hollers out "Gazelle 1300, 1560", now you can quickly see the location, which 2 chariots would be the closest, and show schools/universities for landmarks.

Regions and Boundaries

Region North South West East Chariot Stop Regional Atlas Links
Cat's Claw Ridge 8190 4790 -1000 0 -318, 6749 Cat's Claw Ridge Regional Atlas
Cradle of the Sun 740 -1400 2700 4990 4286, -774 Cradle of the Sun Regional Atlas
Desert of Nomads 7600 5200 (5500 in SW corner) 1505 (1750 in SW corner) 2170 1924, 6681 Desert of Nomads Regional Atlas
Desert of Shades 4025 -600 (-100 in SE corner) -3070 200 (-400 in SE corner) -1018, 2164 Desert of Shades Regional Atlas
Eastern Grounds -4100 -8100 3505 4900 3805, -5625 Eastern Grounds Regional Atlas
Four Corners 4790 4025 -1000 200 60, 4392 Four Corners Regional Atlas
Lake of Reeds 8190 6000 3450 4990 4285, 7632 Lake of Reeds Regional Atlas
Midland Valley 5500 4600 800 1750 916, 4881 Midland Valley Regional Atlas
Old Egypt 7900 5200 (5500 in SE corner) 200 1505 (800 in SE corner) 1008, 6908 Old Egypt Regional Atlas
River Plains 4600 1400 200 1800 1582, 2854 River Plains Regional Atlas
Seven Lakes -100 -4100 -400 2700 1394, -1142 Seven Lakes Regional Atlas
Sinai 6000 3700 2170 4200 3271, 4754 Sinai Regional Atlas
South Egypt -4100 -8190 -910 3505 1052,-5593 South Egypt Regional Atlas
Valley of Kings 8190 4190 -3070 -1000 -2235, 7123 Valley of Kings Regional Atlas

World Boundries: West: -3070 | East: 5120 | North: 8200 | South: -8200

What are the Hinterlands? Good question! These are the areas of Egypt that aren't regions with chariots. This region is not square shaped but instead fills in the gaps between other regions. As such I am removing it from the above table as it has many different coordinate boundries.


This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages

Chariot Routes

Chariot Routes


Gathered Resources

This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages

markerGrL.png Limestone markerRdR.png Red Sand markerYeS.png Sulphurous Water markerWhW.png White Sand markerPuT.png Tar

Public Mines and Smelters

  • Please add/create mining locations to your regions' map below.
  • All of the regions' markers then gets consolidated/included on the Public Mines page which is the map displayed below (along with the Public Smelters markers).
  • If you want to view the below map without the Smelter icons markerOrS.png then view the Public Mines page.

Maps/Public Mines/Valley of Kings
Maps/Public Mines/Cats Claw Ridge
Maps/Public Mines/Old Egypt
Maps/Public Mines/Desert of Nomads
Maps/Public Mines/Lake of Reeds
Maps/Public Mines/Four Corners
Maps/Public Mines/River Plains
Maps/Public Mines/Midland Valley
Maps/Public Mines/Sinai
Maps/Public Mines/Cradle of the Sun
Maps/Public Mines/Seven Lakes
Maps/Public Mines/South Egypt
Maps/Public Mines/Eastern Grounds
Maps/Public Mines/Hinterlands
Maps/Public Smelters
Maps/Public Works

This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages


markerMtAl.png Aluminum markerMtSb.png Antimony markerMtCu.png Copper markerMtAu.png Gold markerMtFe.png Iron markerdiamond.png Gem (sand) mine
markerMtPb.png Lead markerMtLi.png Lithium markerMtMg.png Magnesium markerMtPt.png Platinum markerMtAg.png Silver
markerMtSr.png Strontium markerMtSn.png Tin markerMtTi.png Titanium markerMtW.png Tungsten markerMtZn.png Zinc

Gem Types

Every mine in a specific region gives the same gem. (See also Gems.)

  • Quartz - Cats Claw Ridge, Sinai
  • Ruby - Desert of Shades, Old Egypt
  • Topaz - South Egypt
  • Emerald - Midland Valley, Valley of Kings
  • Sapphire - Four Corners, Desert of Nomads
  • Diamond - River Plains, Hinterlands, Lake of Reeds
  • Opal - Seven Lakes

Other Locations

Empty Hand Puzzles

Humble Priests' Altar locations

Aquaduct Veggie Bonus Locations

Scarab Gardens

Test of the Coalition Coalition Locations

Phoenix Stadiums

Phoenix Statues

Common Altars

Pyrotechnics Stadium Headquarters

Memorial Parks

University and School Location

High-Resolution Maps

Full Map, 2.8MB, Humbuk
Full Map, 6.8MB, Oni