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Region/River Plains

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Greetings to the Citizens of River Plains!

River Plains Research Page

Guilds of River Plains (Alphabetical Order):

Regional Obelisk Queues. It is considered common courtesy to let the residents of a region sign up first for obelisk queues.

Public Mines

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markerMtAl.png Aluminum markerMtSb.png Antimony markerMtCu.png Copper markerMtAu.png Gold markerMtFe.png Iron markerdiamond.png Gem (sand) mine
markerMtPb.png Lead markerMtLi.png Lithium markerMtMg.png Magnesium markerMtPt.png Platinum markerMtAg.png Silver
markerMtSr.png Strontium markerMtSn.png Tin markerMtTi.png Titanium markerMtW.png Tungsten markerMtZn.png Zinc

Permanent Traders

Broker Region Sells Buys
RP Ironworks (/chat eldar) River Planes Metals, Alloys, Metal Products Various Goods
River Plains Trading Post River Plains Various Various