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Guildhall: 1593, 2922

Zlopolis is the River Plains Guild for building a megalopolis. GH is near RP chariot.

The megalopolis is built at 1950, 3200( open desert North East of chariot )

If you have any questions, please chat Ruby


Success! Success! Success! Success!


Megalopolis part Builder Built?
Central Structure Solaris Yes
Ramp Casino Yes
Ramp Blondie Yes
Ramp Menoblack Yes
Ramp Jyin Yes
Wall Chet Yes
Wall Ninfa Yes
Wall Bryce Yes
Wall Bcoastaldawn Yes
Wall Ofalot Yes
Wall Kanara Yes
Wall etma Yes
Wall Natta Yes
Tower Aetherfang Yes
Tower Fuzz Yes
Tower Spark Yes
Tower Tamb Yes
Bridge Maata Yes
Bridge Windsong Yes
Bridge Sparkle Yes
Bridge Cegaiel Yes
Gate Emeraldlily Yes
Gate Kanixihk Yes
Gate Cate Yes
Gate Token Yes
Side Zamses Yes
Side Sasha Yes
Side Wampak Yes
Side Teti Yes
Side Alexa Yes
Side docsaintly Yes
Side Kalmkitty Yes
Side McArine Yes
Edge Mariamom Yes
Edge PetrusIV Yes
Edge Amrissy Yes
Edge Misty Yes
Edge Augusta Yes
Edge Kaylani Yes
Edge Renard Yes
Edge Ruby Yes
Tower larame Yes
Tower stevehotep Yes
Tower kaiya Yes
Tower sheeba Yes
Tower zydhek Yes
Tower inlight Yes
Tower bambi Yes
Tower Alphabob Yes