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Permanent Traders

Broker Region Sells Buys
Eilya Buys Cabbage River Plains Alloys, Sheeting, Wire, Glass Products, Fly Tying, Cuttables, and Herbs , as at August 2013 Cabbage
Roc of the Ages Glass Products, Papyrus products, Small Barrels Various (see store page)
Tamutnefret Blacksmithed Hatchets and Shovels Iron plus one of another item
Avanya River Plains Blown Glass items, glass products glass materials, various other items
Augir Seven Lakes Cement, Concrete, Marble, Glass Products, various other items various goods
Blueshift River Plains Nightwings, Raspberry Moths, Leafhoppers various goods
Gyges Seven Lakes Fabric, Raeli Tiles, Beer & Others Wood, Charcoal, Raeli Tiles
Honey CotS Beeswax Various
Solaris River Plains Cut Gems Cuttable Gems
Platypus Worshiper Society Seven Lakes Paint Various Mats
New Egypt Exchange River Plains, Old Egypt Various Goods Various Goods
The Goods River Plains Various Goods Various Goods
God_Bless_America_Trading_Post sinai processing flax into flax items & Various Goods we can find another items can work out A cost + im stock up on herbs & moss + many srooms a,t,m == redoing shop ==
Bastia/Ritter FC (will travel) Raeli tiles, resins, herbs, cuttable gems, mined gems, powdered gems, metals, alloys, forged/cast items, papy seeds Raeli tiles, cuttables, herbs, glass products--you name it
Zhukuram's Hodge Podge and White Elephant Emporium MV on the Red Sea Fishing Bugs, Animal Feed, Staples, Gems, Herbs and other odds and ends open to all offers
GHawkins Rainbow Rabbit Ranch River Plains Live rabbits and rabbit products Carrots and other items
K Traders Sinai (GH Located At 3293 4733) Various (Still in progess/Chat Elder) Various
Kadin Carp Blades River Plains (1460, 4130) Carpentry Blades 7.1k+ quality Various Items
MarkAnthony Blacksmithing & Glassblowing 1684, 3070 River Plains Springs, Sharp Edged Blades, Hatchets, Shovels, Resin Wedges, Carp Blades, Wine Glasses, Barometers Various Items, see price list

Raeli Tile Traders

Broker Region Sells Buys Notes
Korrin MV Lt. Grey and Green tiles Any other color tiles 1:1
Bastia/Ritter FC (will travel) Available Colors Non-listed colors 1:1; listed colors 2:1 Will trade in bulk
NuKing DOS see Colors see Colors
Khepri OE Color List Color List Will burn tiles to order
Hatsheput RP See my user page for colors in stock Flax, gravel, herbs, various items

Permanent Traders Who Ended Up Not Being So Permanent (Quit/Expired/MIA)

(If you become paid again by all means move your info back onto the Permanent Traders list!)

Broker Region Sells Buys
River Plains Trading Post River Plains Various Various
Dreasimy's Trades Midland Valley Garlic & Herbs Various Goods - Low Tech to High Tech
RP Ironworks (/chat eldar) River Planes Metals, Alloys, Metal Products Various Goods
Apostle of Bastet (/chat Vax, Larame) DoS Charcoal Wood
Minerva DoS Various cc, wool, chickens, eggs, pink raeli tiles, gems, etc. Ash/Potash, Lime, Other color raeli tiles
Disintoxication Seven Lakes Sterile Papyrus (50 Sterile Papyrus for 25 seeds.) Papyrus Seeds
Asud Desert of Shades Q8000+ Springs Various goods
Nuking DOS resins, raeli tiles, and various other items raeli tiles, and various other items
Khepri Old Egypt Raeli Tiles for Seven Phoenix Test Charcoal, open to other trade offers
Hekatef Midland Valley Paint See user page for list
The WENCH - by oDiS Seven Lakes Marbles, and a Quarry Crashing Service Various Goods. See WENCH page.
Nchanter Eastern Grounds 50 ScB or 250 CM Mushrooms 9k Quality Resin Wedge, Hatchet, or Shovel