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This is a Trade orientated guild. The way we do things is a bit different. Please read the Trading Procedure page for more detail. We will now also do Auctions to aquire some commodities for the Exchange. Please read the Reverse Auction page for more detail.

We currently do not accept members. You do not need to join the guild to trade through the exchange.



Guild House

River Plains: 1598, 2847

Trading House

River Plains CS: 1602, 2846

Old Egypt CS: 993, 6897

More to follow shortly

Other Pages

Current Trades

Historic Trades

Trading Procedure

Reverse Auction


Andyhotep - Directors, Auctioneer, Teller

Nicahotep - Director, Teller

A Word from the Directors

This is a new way of doing things, we are trying it to see if it works. Please work with us to make this work. However this also means we may be changing the way we are doing things. If we do change anything we will first put it on this wiki page.

We will endeavour to conclude all trades within 24-hours. When a trade is accepted the goods for that trade will be reserved. However if the Trader do not respond to conclude the trade, we will cancel the trade to allocate the goods to other trades.

In order to prevent lag and a mess around our trading houses, please do not construct storage baskets around our trading houses. Storage baskets decay and become unusable, so they cannot be used to store goods for trade for longer that 24-hours. The decaying baskets will also cause a lot of lag around our trading houses and as these are normally in very busy areas the Exchange do not want to add further lag. We have instructed our tellers to not accept trades from storage baskets. Lets work together to keep Egypt clean.

Please remember to transfer your drop-box back to the teller after you have concluded the trade. To keep on constructing drop boxes will increase the cost of maintaining the Exchange and may affect the future feasibility. If a drop box is not transferred back you may be asked to do so first before further trades will be considered.

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