The Wiki for Tale 7 is in read-only mode and is available for archival and reference purposes only. Please visit the current Tale 11 Wiki in the meantime.

If you have any issues with this Wiki, please post in #wiki-editing on Discord or contact Brad in-game.

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Please keep all personal use pages in a subdirectory under your user page.

Instead of pages like Teao, or TeaoSkills, or Teao/Goals, use pages like User:Teao, User:Teao/Skills, User:Teao/Goals
You can always access your own user page with the link at top of page or hitting alt-shift-. (alt shift period)

Wiki Items Needing Attention/Input/Feedback

The following items could use additional attention, input, or feedback, and should be looked at if you have free time or inclination:

  • Kickstarter Proposal for funding a client/graphics upgrade (in need of additional ideas for sure)
  • Feature Requests
  • Bug Reports
  • Wiki-Admin: There are crossed linked pages/redirects for Events / Category: Events / Current Events.
    The category:events page seems to have been set up as the primary event tracker. This page is cross-linked with a standard wiki-page for Events. The bread crumbs appear to have the same path but do not end up on the same page(s) and the contents of those pages are not consistent. There is also a page called Event Project Page with many details. Please move/delete/redirect these event pages to: one Event Page, one Category Event Page. Any other "planning pages" should be moved to another category as a standard wiki page.
    At the minimum, it appears that these pages may have been damaged at some point and need an internal audit.

Read before copying info from Tale 6 wiki: Information from Tale 6

Welcome To Tale 7

See the section at the bottom on how to create a login!

Welcome to A Wiki in the Desert, a wiki for the Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-Playing Game A Tale in the Desert.

This wiki exists to document the game and to provide a community scratchpad for the players. You can find Guides on things such as growing flax, an Atlas of interesting places, and various personal pages created by the Users and Guilds. If you're looking to buy and sell, try Trading. Visit the community portal for info on current events, debates on the forums, or just random chatter. These links and many more can be found in the wiki sidebar to the left.

Anyone with an ATITD game account can edit any page on this site, but you will need to log in first. Please read the user's guide and information on formatting to see how to edit, and read our Policies before editing. Politics are not welcome (exception: Users pages, but no personal attacks please) and, if you want to discuss something such as laws, you'll find the forums more suitable. If you have any difficulties, please ask around in game or contact a wiki admin.

If you have a suggestion for how to improve the wiki software, please add it to the Suggestions page. If you have a suggestion for improving the content, please just go ahead and do it! If you want to contribute but don't know how, start creating missing pages listed here, or verify the information in pages containing unchecked content copied from the T6 wiki.

We also have a voice chat server set up for Mumble.

Laptop users may find the game display to be bland and strange - Laptop Graphics Bug has details, and also instructions on how to fix.

Egypt Global Chat Channels

Egypt-Wide Player Chat Channels

/join Egypt Today
/join Egyptian Exchange
/join Event Channel
/join Trivia Games (player run guessing games)
/join Worship (Worship and Learning) (holiday snow storm updates)
/join Spam Radio

Dev Chat Channels

For Pluribus Fireside Chats (also logged)
/join Fireside

For standard Dev Chats
/join ENN

How To Register

Note: that only people with T7 accounts can log into and edit the wiki. Anyone can read the wiki without an account.

Before you can log in you must set your webpass in game:

  • Log into the game and type /webpass password
    • (meaning you replace password with a password of your choice - but not your game or bank one!).

You can read a full guide on our OpenID page.

How to Log In

The ATitD wiki uses OpenID to manage login accounts, allowing you to use the same user name in the game, in the forums, and on the wiki without setting up additional accounts. You can find login instructions on the OpenID page.

If you have problems logging in, please come to #atitd-wiki in IRC


See full details on current and past events on the Events page

The Official ATITD Store

The online store where you can buy MONKEYS!! and other kewl stuff from ATITD!

Cats are now available


Cats can now be purchased from the ATITD store or you can make arrangements for in-game cat adoptions with Asheara or KalmKitty.

There is a display of cats in RP, 7 Lakes, SE, OE, not far from the CS.

In-game purchases are limited to $100 USD due to processing limitations. Bigger cats can be purchased by contacting Pluribus by phone or in game.

You can check out the options here: The Cat Ladies and Men of Egypt

You can also contact one of the cat handlers: Kalmkitty, Asheara, ReddRuby, Ariella, Bellah and Pluribus for the more expensive cats.

Information from Tale 6

If you copy information directly from an old Tale, make sure you tag the page with the {{T7}} template so that it is clear that the information needs checking! (just put {{T7}} at the top of the page edit)

Also, as we clean up these pages please use {{7ok}} template T7ok small.gif to mark specific information as having been verified. Information that still needs to be verified should be marked with {{7}} template T7N.png.



Official Player Gathering services
services from other users


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