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For an introduction to the law making process see Law. For Feature requests, please check out the Feature Requests page.

This page should be used for posting historical information about Ballots. Not discussing Laws. If you would like to discuss a law please use the discussion tab on the relevant law.

Successful Laws


Passed, Not Implemented

Other Laws

On Ballot

Proposed Laws (not yet on a ballot)

Previously, but no longer on Ballot

A proposed law must remain on at least one person for it to make the ballot. The following laws have previously appeared on a ballot, but have since been dropped by all people previously carrying the law.


Ballot History

Ballot ending 2015-09-24

Ballot ending 2015-10-06

Ballot ending 2015-10-26

Ballot ending 2015-11-07

Wiki Editing

Each law should be put into the URL /Laws/<Name of Law>, for example a law called Sheep would be put onto the page /Laws/Sheep.

The page should have at the bottom category tags. The first is [[Category:Laws]]. The second depends on the status of the law:

  • Successfully passed a ballot, and has been implemented: [[Category:Implemented Laws]]
  • Successfully passed a ballot, but has not been implemented: [[Category:Passed Laws]]
  • Is appearing on the ballot, and has achieved at least 50.001% on every ballot: [[Category:Pending Laws]]
  • A law that is collecting signatures, but to date has not appeared on a ballot: [[Category:Proposed Laws]]
  • Any law that has has not achieved 50.001% on a ballot: [[Category:Rejected Laws]]

In addition to the Category tags, you should also add the {{DEFAULTSORT:{{#titleparts: {{PAGENAME}} | | 2 }}}} When you first create a new law page with the correct tags, it may not immediately show on this page. When this is the case, please click on this link. This reloads this same page with ?action=purge which deletes the cached copy and forces a reload from the server.