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Laws/Decayed Construction Act

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Law Text

The Decayed Construction Act (DCA) will help keep excess clutter left by players to a minimum.

This law will affect anything player-built(excluding microphones) to be claimed by any currently paid account, provided the following criteria is met.

1) The building has been unmaintained and at 0% for more than 30 days.(This includes any building that deteriorates. Compounds, outside flax proccessing equipment, etc.)

2) Bonfires that have less than 200 wood and were built more than 30 days.

(Buildings are claimable even if the account is paid for but is a forgotten or unmaintianed building or bonfire)

Editted by Pluribus to correct the horid spelling that made it hard to read


  • 4th place on Ballot ending 2015-09-24 with 54.253%
  • Rejected on Ballot ending 2015-10-05 with 43.716%