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Laws/Sheep Pox Quarantine Act

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Law Text

Sheep pox is a dangerous disease that has returned and threatens the health and well-being of all sheep in Egypt. Diseased pens must be treated one way or another to control the sheep pox and prevent an epidemic. To this end, the people of Egypt enact this law:

1. Anyone may add food or medicine to any sheep pen at any time.

2. Any sheep pen containing visibly diseased sheep is considered quarantined (see below).
3. Any sheep pen containing one or more sheep but zero onions is considered quarantined (see below).
4. Any pen considered quarantined is no longer considered quarantined once it either contains no sheep or contains onions without containing any visibly diseased sheep.

5. Any citizen may slaughter sheep in a quarantined sheep pen by invoking the ancient law of the flock: "Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe! The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!"
6. Any resources gained from slaughter under section 5 of this law remain the property of the pen owner, subject to existing permissions.


  • 2nd place on Ballot ending 2015-09-24 with 68.029%
  • Rejected on Ballot ending 2015-10-05 with 46.933%