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Laws/Anti-Griefer Law

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Proposed by: Articgrey

Law Text

Part 1: Any Demi-Pharaoh may submit to any voting booth, or University of Leadership, the name of an alleged griefer. Upon such action, an immediate automatic ballot is created for the populace of Egypt to vote on, the text of which shall be as follows:

 "[Name] stands accused of griefing and blatantly unacceptable behavior by [Demi-PharaohName]. [Name] shall hereby be immediately and automatically banned from Egypt, and all things built by [Name], regardless of who owns them, shall be immediately salvageable by anyone, with no materials returned."

 Upon submission, a calendar event shall be created for the duration of the ballot, and a message shall appear in system announcing the start of voting, along with the name of the submitting Demi-Pharaoh, and the name of the accused griefer.

Such ballot shall be available for any paid player to vote upon for a time period of 2 days. If the ballot passes with an approval rating of at least 60% of the votes submitted, Part 2 shall go into effect.

 Part 2: The player whose name was submitted shall be immediately banned. This ban shall not reduce the number of available bans of any Demi-Pharaoh.* All items, buildings, and equipment built by such player shall become immediately salvageable by anyone, with no materials returned.

Part 3: This process can be utilized for already banned players to allow for rapid cleanup of griefing.

* If this sentence is vetoed, the rest of petition shall stand.


  • 1st on Ballot ending 05-OCT-15 with 63.590%