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Laws/Ordinance to Require Crazy Acronyms (ORCA)

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Petition by: Sheeple

Law Text

Background: The citizens of Egypt have copied (and pasted) the work of their ancestors for far too long. At least think of a new title and entertain us a bit.

Law: This law requires the title of all future petitions to form a pronounceable acronym and display it in the title, or first line of the petition. Any law turned in prior to the passing of this one is grandfathered.

__:__ |"\/"|
,' `. \ /
| O \___/ |

Now with less words and more "hieroglyphics", Grumpy Cat Ridge Legal Defence Team

(\./) .-""-.
`\'-'` \

Pluribus Note

I would require the acronym to be in the title and while I can require an acronym be there, I cant enforce pronounceable since A) you dont specify pronounceable is what language. and B) lanalysis of pronounceablility is beyond the capability of the game engine.


  • Failed on Ballot ending 23-OCT-2015 with 21.676%