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Laws/Chest Usage Utility Log Act

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Petitioned by: Silden

Law Text

Petition by Silden (1 signatures, 1 petitioners)

Chest Usage Log Utility

The Chest Usage Log Utility, is a log in which the chest owner can choose to enable the tracking of items from a chest. The log would represent the last 14 transactions to and from the chest.

Law Purpose: To track the incoming and outgoing resources from a chest and determine the person who made the transaction. This is particularly useful for guild chests and various other shared chests.

Law Details: Under the Utility menu of any chest would be an extra option that only the owner or guild member of Fellow or above could enable. Once enabled the chest log may not be disabled. Disabling the log would defeat the purpose of the log.

Sample of a chest log:
Year 6, Peret II-14, 9:40AM: Bob put 50 Straw into the Small Warehouse
Year 6, Peret II-14, 9:42AM: Bob took 20 clay from the Small Warehouse
Year 6, Peret II-14, 9:43AM: John took 1 Flint from the Small Warehouse

The use of the term chest implies any storage container, such as Small Warehouse, Warehouse, Large Warehouse, Box Chest, Chest, Huge Chest, Storage Basket

(This is exact same law written by zoycite in Tale 3, updated to reflect techveto on original law and the different storage containers names in tale 7)


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