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Laws/Trivial and Abandoned Construction Ordinance(TACO)

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Law Text

Background: Bill Nyehotep, from the University of SCIENCE, has recently discovered that too many items in Egpyt is causing the world to spin slower! 98% of scientists agree that to combat "Global Slowing", we must act as soon as possible!

Definitions: Trivial is defined as any item that is created using only materials that can be found on the Welcome Island (Appendix A). Compounds and construction sites, and buildings created in them are not trivial.
Exiled is any Egyptian that has been removed from Egpyt for any reason (Law, DP, or ToS/CoC).
Interaction is defined as any action which changes the items or players inventory or location or involves "checking". Items that are visual are exempt(Appendix A).

Law: TACO states that any trivial construction outside of a compound, and had no interaction in more than 30 days, is considered abandoned. Abandoned construction can be torn down by any player for no salvage. Interactions after 30 days will reset the timer.

All exiled players items can be torn down under TACO immediately.

Remember kids, vote "Yes" on ALL laws you like for more ballots, Grumpy Cat Ridge Legal Defence Fund

Appendix A
Trivial:flimsy brick rack, flax comb, small distaff, drying rack, flax hammock, bonfire, wood plane, ferry boat, fennec cage*, student loom, apiary, firepit, storage basket
Trivial but exempt: fence, signpost, sculpture
*If test veto, then move to trivial but exempt.


  • Failed on Ballot ending 23-OCT-2015 with 44.699%