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Laws/The public mine compensation act

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Law Text

We all know how much work is needed to find a ore vein and to gather materials to build a ore mine.

What i am proposing here is a better option to the current limited public,guilded or private mines options.

This law will allow the citizens of egypt to apply compensation taxes on they're public mines.

They would be allowed to determine a percentage of ore to be kept for the owner of the mine and the rest will be given to the laborer as wages for they're time and efforts.

When a laborer works a public mine that has been set to use the compensation act option all the ore mined will be available to them under a public mine inventory minus the compensation. Everyone will have access to this inventory such as a public mine would.

When a owner or a member of a guild owned public mine set to compensation act option is mined all the ore mined will be available to them under the owner's mine inventory including the compensation from laborers. Only the owners or guild members of the mine will have acess to this inventory such as a guilded or private mine would.

The owners would keep the 10th gem of every 10 gems mined no mather the size of the current or previously mined gem.


  • Rejected on Ballot ending 2015-10-05 with 30.423%