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Laws/Extend the Western Border of Midland Valley v2

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Law Text

  Currently the western border of the Midland Valley (MV) region does not even reach the Nile in many places, so citizens living on the western shore of the Nile that consider themselves MV residents do not have access to regional chat near their compounds. Furthermore, the University of Leadership in MV is actually directly on the western border of MV and part of the building is in the Hinterlands.

  I propose that the western border of MV should be extended from (800,###) to (600,###) which roughly corresponds to the edge of the grass along the western shore of the Nile. See

  Unfortunately, due to an overlap between Old Egypt (OE) and MV, this would entail transferring some territory from OE to MV. However, under the proposed expansion, all MV territories would still be closer to MV universities than any OE university, with the exception of the UBodies which would be roughly equidistant.

As a reference:
The OE university closest to the border is UBody near (1057, 6175). The MV university furthest from the border is UBody near (1233,4635).

The current border of Old Egypt is: (200,5200)->(800,5200)->(800,5500)->(1505,5500)
and would change to: (200,5200)->(600,5200)->(600,5500)->(1505,5500)
which would give Midland Valley control in the region:

The greatest differences in distance to each UBody along notched border (+MV closer, -OE closer):   Before: -245 to 296   After: -257 to 229


  • 1st place on Ballot ending 23-OCT-2015 with 65.615%