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Laws/The Camel Fairness Act

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Law Text

It is nearly impossible for a regular player to catch a camel, because of unreasonable straw costs. The only way to keep these costs in check and distribute the camels fairly is to work together! If we all decide, through this law, to limit the amount of straw that can be used, all our camels will be cheaper and more affordable.

In order to increase the fairness of how camels are distributed throughout Egypt for average players with limited resources, the following changes to camel pens will be enforced:

1) When a player adds straw to a camel pen, the resulting amount of straw in the pen may not exceed 1000. Any excess straw remains with the player. (i.e., how looms work)
2) If a camel pen with its gate closed has more than 1000 straw, the gate may not be opened until enough straw is removed to bring the total down to 1000 or less.


  • Rejected on Ballot ending 2015-10-05 with 22.622%