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Laws/Masterpiece Preservation Act

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Petitioned by: Djehuty

Legal Text

In an effort to recognize true works of art, let it hereby be declared that a citizen's sculpture may be recognized as a "Masterpiece" when:

1) 1/7 of the number of permanent Citizens as registered at the University of Leadership has voted on a sculpture, and

2) no more than 20% of said votes can be cast as "Eyesore". and

3) this condition has been met for a period of 7 Egyptian days.


When a sculpture is recognized as a Masterpiece , the following will occur:

1) The sculpture will have an additional title "A Masterpiece of Egypt" added to its placard.

2) The sculpture will no longer be able to receive further votes.

3) The sculpture will no longer be able to be modified.

4) The sculpture will no longer be able to be torn down.

5) The artist will receive an honorary title of "Pharaoh's Artist"


  • 2nd place on Ballot ending 23-OCT-2015 with 54.783%