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Laws/Individual Liberty Act

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Petitioned by:

Law Text

We recognize that individual liberty must not be abridged in the name of courtesy. Restricting free choice robs citizens of the opportunity to choose to work for the betterment of society. Therefore:

No law requiring or restricting individual action may be enforced without a volunteer present to intervene.

As such the following shall be implemented:

All citizens shall respect the law until such a time as they select an option to "Disregard Laws", whereupon no law requiring or restricting choice will be automatically enforced. Citizens will be permitted to toggle this setting at will unless they swear an oath as a Constable or are elected Demi-Pharaoh (see below).

Any citizen may take an oath to Uphold The Law. Such persons shall earn the title "Constable". Anyone attempting to act in violation of any law will be unsuccessful while a Constable is within range to witness the attempt. The attempt to break a law shall be announced to all within range.

Upon having their action blocked an offending citizen's title will be changed to "Outlaw", and will be ineligible to be changed for a period of 30 days, or until the citizen increases in level, whichever comes first.

A Constable may not disregard the law.

Buildings shall have the option to disallow usage by outlaws.

No one bearing an Outlaw title may serve as Demi-Pharaoh.

Any Demi-Pharaoh may declare any citizen of Egypt to be an Outlaw, either for a period of 30 days or permanently, at their sole discretion.

Pluribus Note

Be very careful with this. Some things that you have come to think of as features are actually laws carried from Telling to Telling. This petition does not make a distinction.


  • Failed on the Ballot ending 07-NOV-2015 with 10.400%