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Chat on Discord

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On Wednesday December 27, 2017, Pluribus hosted an End-of-Tale chat on Discord at The full text is available there. Peacefulness is currently attempting to edit the chat to make it more readable. The results are being posted here. Work in progress!


Pluribus - Yesterday [Wednesday Dec 27 2017] at 7:06 PM

Ok all, Lets get this started.... First let me that Tale has been a great game since I started playing it in 2001. This telling has been a blast. I cant remember a smoother one really from things working. I really hope that all of you have enjoyed it.

However, it is with a heavy heart that I need to announce that this will be last telling as things are currently.

To be blunt, the game has barely paid its bills, I personally haven't taken pay from it since I took over in early 2014.

For those of you in the US, you will understand this next part. I am a small business that got squeezed for an extra $1200/month in health insurance cost increases for the coming year. I cant absorb that plus the constantly increasing taxes in my state and afford to live.

So, I need to stop working on Tale full time and focus on getting employment with a company that cover those costs.

Combine that with the costs needed to make the majority of players happy, and I don't see any other choice. (Hint: I am a single guy company, so requests for "Just rewrite the game engine and redo all the game graphics to rival the AAA game companies with multi-million dollar budgets" isn't realistic.

What have I looked at? I CAN list the game on steam, however, there are two graphics issues that really would kill me in steam reviews... (The sky that peeks through the terrain occasionally, and the !@#$%^ Intel driver on Windows 10 which seems to kill terrain rendering.) Both require a rewrite of the terrain engine to correct. So far every OpenGL programmer who has looked at it has run screaming away and refuse the contract) The REAL fix is to rewrite the entire render engine from scratch, however that is prohibitively expensive for this game to fund. The side issue with rewriting the render engine is that there is a large chance of breaking exisiting art resources. Some of you may not be aware, but sometime toward the end of T4, Teppy experienced a double drive failure on his storage array and lost the majority of the source artwork for the redone graphics. That means that any of that artwork that needs modification would need to be remade from scratch.


Stoneleg - Yesterday at 7:24 PM @Pluribus are there any realistic options to keep Atitd going?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:25 PM Here are the options as I see them. (People can bring up others if they think of them)

1) Raise prices to actually cover my expenses (Not really realistic, Most players who left reasons for cancelling cited financial or cost reasons)

2) Steam

3) Patreon - Possibly the most likely to draw players....

4) Convert to FtP model and nickel/dime everyone for everything


BL - Yesterday at 7:30 PM What could you do without steam and what would it cost?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:32 PM Just to keep the servers alive, pay business insurance, pay taxes, payment processing etc... runs about $900/month (about 1/3 of that is actual servers) but that is absolute min to keep servers alive while I works elsewhere.

Dalia - Yesterday at 7:34 PM Are your cost higher at the beginning of a tale and then slowly decrease? Or does it stay constant?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:35 PM Costs are constant. The full telling model worked well for this telling. The insane personal costs are what is the killer.

Pluribus- Remember, I actually have to spend money on lawyers right now because we have had players threaten lawsuits over content they didnt like.

tehm - Yesterday at 7:34 PM so that $900 (I don't know taxes) works out to like 70 monthly-payers... and doesn't cover lawyers either :/

realkit92 - Yesterday at 7:34 PM this may sound like a stupid question but how can someone threaten over ingame content?

Eugenius - Yesterday at 7:35 PM It's the US where anyone can sue for anything.:P

Trekker - Yesterday at 7:35 PM anyone can sue for anything at anytime... doesn't mean they'll win, just will cost you to defend yourself

Lazybum - Yesterday at 7:31 PM in the F2p model, would it be possible to do everything, abit a bit slower? maybe even earn Pluribucks from tests/referrals, and tradible from others who bought/earned them?

Eugenius - Yesterday at 7:32 PM I wouldn't mind paying reg price for Telling plus $250 for certain items at the beginning of the tale.

Yendor - Yesterday at 7:33 PM I bought a cat and an otter...Oh wait, it was a monkey not an otter

Rhaom - Yesterday at 7:35 PM In all honestly, the cost of buying out right full tale subscription is insanely cheap for the gameplay value that comes out of it, I am sure people would still pay if it was increased some

realkit92 - Yesterday at 7:35 PM i have no problem paying for a full telling

Yendor - Yesterday at 7:35 PM Would it work to skip the monument tests, and have T8 be exactly the same as T7, possibly with new NPC events?


Yendor - Yesterday at 7:22 PM Have you ruled out Kickstarter to fund a replacement engine?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:24 PM The issue with kickstarter.... There is a ton of work that needs to go into the running a kickstarter and it is a purely all or nothing thing.

Yendor - Yesterday at 7:40 PM I still think making an attempt at Kickstarter is better than shutting down

Rhaom - Yesterday at 7:41 PM I also dont reallly understand why we dont attempt kickstater, whats the worst possible outcome, that you end up in the same place as u started

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:42 PM Rhoam, Worst possible outcome with kickstarter.... I spend 6 months of my life working on the campaign, promo videos etc, to have it NOT make its goal, and I personally go broke because I had no other income while working on it.... (You did say worst case)

Rhaom - Yesterday at 7:43 PM No-one said you had to do it on your own :P.. I'm sure the community could help put something together

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:44 PM (That and the fact that I have never done one personally and really have NO idea how to go about a successful one)

tehm - Yesterday at 7:45 PM I have a friend who has run 2 Kickstarters. He had a consultant before the first one. I could get that consultant's info?

blondie - Yesterday at 7:47 PM i don't know anything about running a kickstarter but there's a lot of stuff in there and people do donate to other games, other projects that you wouldn't expect. So it wouldn;'t all be on your shoulders. I thought those giving money to kickstarter helped a bit...


YadNi - Yesterday at 7:23 PM for the redoing of things from scratch i would be willing to offer my help, i m good at 3D, and i insist on the word OFFER

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:25 PM YadNi: I appreciate the offer, I really do. However, unless there is a way to get models and animations from Blender to eCal3d, it wont work.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 7:26 PM there is a cal3d exporter built into Blender. idk if that helps the 3d situation

YadNi - Yesterday at 7:26 PM i will search and look if there are any exisiting plugins for blender to ecAL3D

Lazybum - Yesterday at 7:26 PM but its Ecal3d, which is a dirivitave of cal3d,

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:28 PM Rhoam, YadNi: eCal3D was spun off of Cal3d 0.7 many years ago and has a slightly different file format and structure. They submitted everything upstream but they didnt like how Teppy/Josh did model scaling.

Yendor - Yesterday at 7:28 PM Seems to me that moving it from Blender to anything else makes it more likely to get converted to the correct format

Yendor: All existing art resources are done in (at the latest) 3DS Max 9.0 I havent had too much success in getting the exporter plugin to work on anything newer

YadNi - Yesterday at 7:36 PM worse case scenario if it isnt possible to do blender to ecal3d, has anyone an old 3dsmax 7 to 9 to offer? i could learn that pretty fast i m sure (for the 3d part)

Rhaom - Yesterday at 7:37 PM Cant you just go from blender to 3dsmax?

tehm - Yesterday at 7:38 PM would it be possible to post 1 art file and a challenge "convert this to ecal3d without recreating it, tell me how you did it, I will give you 6 cookies and an abdju"


BL - Yesterday at 7:34 PM Let's explore keeping servers alive, while Plur looks for for supplemental income

Khnumbaf - Yesterday at 7:35 PM so, if the players covered the minimum for keeping the severs alive with minimum involvement for you, could the game be ran as a bastet style automated mode, where GMs (obviolsuly more would be needd) ran the weekly passes etc. Meaning no mre new tests or content, but a new telling/T7 replica?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:37 PM Khnumbaf, that is pretty much it. I may be able to get some changes in before getting a new job, as long as there is semi agreement on what people would like to see (and it is realistic)

Karanya - Yesterday at 7:38 PM I would be fine with what yendor & knuufbaf suggested. Also would be fine with increased monthly cost

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:38 PM I may even be able to get the test passings totally automated. (That actually was on my list for T7 but never got it done)


BL - Yesterday at 7:20 PM Is Windows 10 compatibility the primary issue / other than $

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:20 PM The Windows 10 compatibility with the Intel graphics driver is a primary blocker for Steam. (The percentage of players with it and the resulting bad reviews would kill the game on steam) Steam is a huge risk as well since they require 30% of revenue to use them as a distriburtion platform

tehm - Yesterday at 7:21 PM and I assume Steam doesn't mean they do the web hosting to reduce your ongoing costs, right?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:22 PM Correct. Nor do they host the game servers

Silden - Yesterday at 7:39 PM One of the problems at the moment is exposure, there's not many people that know of the games existence. You might need to crack that nut. I know Steam may not be popular for you because of the concerns over reviews, but one positive thing about steam is that it gets exposure of the game to a huge audience. Mashinky (who heard of that game before coming onto steam) had <1k players (too low to track), since going onto Steam, jumped to 25,138.

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 7:40 PM mashinky hired a PR company btw. it wasnt all steam

Lazybum - Yesterday at 7:40 PM I have seen games go to steam, only to fail

tehm - Yesterday at 7:41 PM does going to steam mean direct to the "full version" game or is there a potential to go to that Green Light zone and try to get funds for the graphic engine upgrade that way?


Eugenius - Yesterday at 7:22 PM How feasible is

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:39 PM Yeah, you dont want to know what I had planned if I went FtP mode... (Inventory capped at 10 item, Initiations only, buy more inventory, TT, each offline chore, each test....)

Eugenius - Yesterday at 7:41 PM How about a mixed bag? FtP and Subs as well?

Eugenius - Yesterday at 7:42 PM Meaning subs get everything we get now, plus those who what FtP can pay through the nose.

Osh - Yesterday at 7:44 PM I would be willing to pay more monthly with some FTP option

YadNi - Yesterday at 7:41 PM why not running a clone t7 the easiest way and until that goes for a year or two, work hard on redoing all that needsredoing and in two years go to steam?


Lazybum - Yesterday at 7:44 PM I think a patreon would be a better solution over kickstarter

Tespa - Yesterday at 7:45 PM There's also gofundme which doesn't require meeting a goal or charge campaign costs.

tehm - Yesterday at 7:45 PM also, what is the difference between Patreon and paying for a monthly Sub in-game? the varied donation level?

Silden - Yesterday at 7:46 PM Patreon Best way for artists and creators to get sustainable income and connect with fans | Patreon Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Join over 50,000 creators earning salaries from over 1,000,000 monthly patrons.

YadNi - Yesterday at 7:46 PM i m on patreon for my drawings, since like 2 months, but as a single person, it s really slow to go upwards

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 7:47 PM Patreon would allow you to give a little more than what you paid in a sub

catmandux - Yesterday at 7:54 PM Patreon would be good along side a regular subscription. Different tiers would reward monthly items, or other perks. Even a lower tier that is for non subscribers that will want to contribute.


Khnumbaf - Yesterday at 7:47 PM Plur: have you explored the possibility of selling the game to another developer/company? I know it's hard to make money on ATITD and I love how you have brought Tale back to life, yet its perhaps possibility, maybe to another legacy player/group of players.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:48 PM Actually, I got a question about that just today.

Yendor - Yesterday at 7:48 PM Knumbaf: I was thrilled to see someone other than Teppy in charge. I'm not sure another transfer would work, unless it's to a group of volunteers or a community foundation or such

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:49 PM It is possible, but I can say definatively, there are very few people who understand the server architecture and script code. There is a FAIR learning curve. (Not terrible, but not easy)

Mypal - Yesterday at 7:49 PM I feel this game has so much potential considering there are a lot of popular sim type games out there.. I feel that as the telling goes on activity just drops because things get a bit to complicated for average players

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:50 PM has a license to use the engine in his own game, but ATITD kinda put that on the back burner... it required a LOT of care and feeding to get this solid.

tehm - Yesterday at 7:50 PM I wonder if there is a University that would have a programming club that would want to maintain it and potentially modernize it (while you maintain majority ownership at least). That'd be cool

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 7:51 PM i agree with @Silden though, exposure seems to be a serious problem. I dont suppose talking to a compnay like Evolve would make sense and see how they feel?

Khnumbaf - Yesterday at 7:52 PM I like your idea, tehm

amran - Yesterday at 7:52 PM the game is so outdated a publishing company probably would not touch it without the needed revamp

tehm - Yesterday at 7:52 PM heck and maybe the university could cover the hosting costs

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 7:53 PM Evolve isnt a publisher. its a marketing firm.

Mypal - Yesterday at 7:53 PM I feel if you had tellings a bit more simplier, not last a year, promote some sort of socializing via chat aka discord, get some streamers to stream the game, more newbie help it could work but that is a lot of IF's and if they money isn't there to maintain then those points are all mute

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:54 PM The hosting (while expensive) is fairly easy for the players to cover. It is the getting the added funding for game enhancements and covering my expenses.... The game engine enhancements are the expensive ones.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 7:55 PM i know there has been a few universities that have used this game as a "training ground" for game developers as it provided a completly different way of seeing how a game could be interpreted between people

YadNi - Yesterday at 7:55 PM so yes, like i said earlier, run a t8 like a t7 clone, with simple things, and while that runs, rework what needs be reworked, and get ready for steam

Eugenius - Yesterday at 7:55 PM Back to my comment about paying $250 for certain items. I woul be willing to pay for upgraded rods, 5 mummified lures or maybe even a hand loom to start the tale.

realkit92 - Yesterday at 7:55 PM what if we have some players "donate" time and work towards fixing some things up in turn get ingame items perhaps?

Khnumbaf - Yesterday at 7:55 PM to me, a T7 clone seems most realistic for now. I could live with that, but ofc a developed game is more fun.

Laf - Yesterday at 7:56 PM weve been playing and loving the game this long without the need for further game enhancements, T7 clone it

newbie1 - Yesterday at 7:56 PM a good way to increase subscribers would be to sell hard copies of the game at a cost that pays one month of the monthly subscription

catmandux - Yesterday at 7:56 PM Indiegogo might be a better choice that would allow you to set a higher a goal with the understanding that even if you dont meet it, you'll can still get the funds to help you continue to work on the game. @newbie1 what do you mean by a hard copy?

newbie1 - Yesterday at 7:57 PM the game on a cd/dvd that would be updated just as downloaded ones are

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:58 PM Newbie1, I can trivially offer DVD downloads of the game if people really wanted them... I just figured most people would prefer to download since that is free)

YadNi - Yesterday at 7:57 PM a whole telling would give time to rework the lost things and revamp what needs be in peace, so that for the next T9, you steam it and go worldwide crazy

amran - Yesterday at 7:57 PM there are so many coders 3d modelers artists etc in this game that have offered to help what about that option?

tehm - Yesterday at 7:57 PM just a quick thought - a new tale starting while you begin a job search means you get a nice influx of cash from the full-tale buys + boosted subs. You can present the Tale as "this will likely have minimal change from T7" and if anything changes, it'd be more than you promised.. and you'd still be free to pursue that job with health benefits

Karanya - Yesterday at 7:57 PM Agree w/tehm

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 7:58 PM how possible are simple relevant cosmetic items that can be purchased?

YadNi - Yesterday at 7:58 PM seems like we all want to save this game from doom

blondie - Yesterday at 7:58 PM hmm...some similarities from t6 to t8...then ?

alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 7:58 PM Definitely!!

Lazybum - Yesterday at 7:58 PM to get positive exposure, the game needs to support what are in the systems these days. ex- poor driver support from intel chips. so, would need to update the engine to support ogl3+ and that would entail rewriting the engine.

Rahu - Yesterday at 7:59 PM I like that as well. Heck, I tend to burn out of the game after about 6 months or so yet still bought the full tale sub and still pay for my mules monthly sub. Last tale I did the same with both accounts even though I wasn't really playing.

newbie1 - Yesterday at 7:59 PM but if ppl SAW the game in a retail store....

tehm - Yesterday at 7:59 PM I'm floored with how many new Tests came out this last tale (was it T8?!?) and did not even get to explore them all. There is new content for me in a new Tale because of it.

BL - Yesterday at 7:59 PM Agree w/ tehm

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:01 PM tehm, The vast majority of the "new" tests are me bringing back all the old tests that got killed with the player legacy tests.

tehm - Yesterday at 8:01 PM hey, that's new content for me, way to go!

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 7:59 PM retail store is totally not the answer

Pluribus - Yesterday at 7:59 PM Fixxxer: Without artists... fairly difficult... Again stuck on the lack of an exporter for anything but an ancient version of 3D studio max.

Fairy - Yesterday at 7:59 PM Look at minecraft it has terrible graphics yet it is huge

blondie - Yesterday at 7:59 PM is it possible to have a discussion in game too ? maybe also can some of the suggestions be summarized? I know i can't help since i'm not familiar with a lot of what people are talkign about but others may be

amran - Yesterday at 7:59 PM another option that is also free advertisement for pluribus game.....hats tshirts, hoodies etc, brings in cash and gets you free advertising

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:00 PM points at his atitd shirt

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:00 PM give me an ancient version of 3dsmax and i ll do miracles in no time

amran - Yesterday at 8:00 PM I don't see atitd shirts in the store though?

alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:00 PM I still have my T-shirt from several years ago

catmandux - Yesterday at 8:01 PM I wonder if my husband still has his(edited)

amran - Yesterday at 8:01 PM i bet people would buy those type items to help the game succeed at this point and itd be another option other than kick starter

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:01 PM It's an interesting change to have more than one path to Oracle a discipline

tehm - Yesterday at 8:02 PM is Pluribus the Canadian an option? (Free health care)

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:03 PM but then plur would have to deal with all the moose and "aboots" and sorrys

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:04 PM the real solution would be a Lee Harvey Oswald for Trump(ette) (of the apocalypse)

blondie - Yesterday at 8:03 PM this would a good time to win the lottery...find a rich uncle...

Tale 8?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:02 PM Ok, lets segway this conversion a bit...

IF there is a T8, what would people like to see? (Aside from the obvious redo everything)

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:03 PM Pets available from day 1? Vanity outfits? Lag-free decorations?

blondie - Yesterday at 8:04 PM i like the choice of more tests for oracle stuff if that's not a difficult thing to keep up

Ouijdani - Yesterday at 8:04 PM Hinterlands chat

BL - Yesterday at 8:04 PM Same as t7

Laf - Yesterday at 8:04 PM I am actually not asking for anything new, just a restart of tale.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:04 PM oh, something like the wepwawet arena, for all tests buildings..i thought that may help lag

Ouijdani - Yesterday at 8:05 PM second Blondie -- keep the >7 tests per discipline

alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:05 PM Yes agree - nothing new is necessary to me. Better alternative then shutting it down

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:05 PM clone t7 and in parallel get all the help you can to fill the holes to getready for a t9 on steam

Laf - Yesterday at 8:05 PM just reboot server and say everything was lost... you know technic error ... :stuck_out_tongue:

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:05 PM Is it a sustainable model for a game like atitd to sell things like monkeys and what not in game, dont get me wrong I will gladly buy a monkey to help cover the costs but then what happens in 6 months time when the same situation arises?

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:05 PM a change to Harmony and Conflict. into a University of Choice, where you could Pick one side or the other, but not both

Osh - Yesterday at 8:05 PM I like the game as it

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:05 PM True. #1 wish request for T8 is having a T8

blondie - Yesterday at 8:05 PM lol, starting out hurts

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:05 PM Hinterland chat went away because it ISNT a region... I can eliminate Hinterlands as a region and go back to the Rectangles :smiley: Lagfree decoration.... ANYTHING with a polygon will cause lag even if minimal

tehm - Yesterday at 8:05 PM T8 - I've always wondered what would happen for the game on a speed boost. Like techs cost 15% less, or gathering yields 15% more...

alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:05 PM agree with @Yendor

Karanya - Yesterday at 8:05 PM As several others say, clone T7 and ill be happy. And I’ll buy cats this time.

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:05 PM TBH the only real thing I'd want would be a restart as well. I'm not actually subbed because I've been waiting for a restart.

Maata - Yesterday at 8:05 PM I would be happy if there was just a T8 but if we got to pick something a new layout of Egypt. Having played all of T6 I'm tired of this one.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:05 PM well, you could combine harmony and conflict and choose one or the other, like we have art...oh no music ;p

Eugenius - Yesterday at 8:06 PM IF there is a T8, I would like to see all current test availbe at launch, and the option to buy "needed" items at launch.

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:06 PM Keep beer tokens?

BL - Yesterday at 8:06 PM T7 is stable, can't you walk away from it, Plur?

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:06 PM Well, the issue is I live in downtown RP in the zFree compound, so whatever decorations I have people complain it adds to the lag...

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:06 PM blondie, no music is trivial, turn it off

TheSheeple - Yesterday at 8:06 PM


tehm - Yesterday at 8:07 PM it's going to be awesome starting a tale with a Wiki that is basically ready to go and teach new people that fast

newbie1 - Yesterday at 8:07 PM just want there to be a tale 8!

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:07 PM Oh speaking of wiki, what is the status of that? I heard the server was going down?

blondie - Yesterday at 8:07 PM no, i mean we have a discipline that's called art and music but we don't really have music tests..that was a joke..some people do want more music tests though

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:07 PM Long arms to help with flaxing

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:07 PM honestly, the most fun i had in this game is when it had larger populations. i think if people want to help, getting more people interested in the game seems to be... essential

alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:07 PM Yeah was wondering about wiki hosting

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:07 PM Yeah. Population is the ultimate solution.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:07 PM i personally don't do much with art and music tests but watch people's stuff..same for thought

Jaenelle - Yesterday at 8:08 PM I want more music tests =)

Dalia - Yesterday at 8:08 PM Shorter tale = more people around

Ouijdani - Yesterday at 8:08 PM Does this mean no scramble of foraging techniques and ore locations? Or is that part of the wipe process?(edited)

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:08 PM A restart should generate something of a bump, but TBH we really need to get the word out.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:08 PM Thats not really a solution @Dalia , its the same amount of people just for a shorter period of time, the issue is a larger volume is needed

blondie - Yesterday at 8:08 PM and not into conflict but...i see how some people reaaally liked conflict stuff and we do have the arenas still...for lazybum...a combination of conflict and harmony, maybe ? as disciplines? Silden - Yesterday at 8:09 PM How about having a one month play of the game with Fanatical (or any of the other bundle type sites)? At least this will get the game known to more potential players. alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:09 PM I'm really getting to like Harmony

blondie - Yesterday at 8:09 PM shorter tale, i hope cheaper techs and faster wines

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:09 PM T8 being a rehash of T7 is fine by me, so long as it's kept short. Would it be possible to do that in enough of a hands-off way you could look at getting a GoFundMe or something set up to cover the costs of modernization in prep for a steam launch, Pluribus? I think Steam might be the "holy grail" of getting enough pop to work on the rest.

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:09 PM @Silden 's idea is good Talumar - Yesterday at 8:09 PM Longer range for picking Papy, i hate to go swim every time

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:09 PM The wiki is running on a machine that Teppy has been paying for forever, and which I in reality owe him for paying for. in adition to the server that I setup in 2014 to get moved to that is running on modern hardware.... I ownly had one requirement, it had to run a supported version of wiki software since thier authentication had been hacked at least once before... Alas, there seems to be no interest in supporting the wiki.... so I pay for 2 servers ....

Fairy - Yesterday at 8:09 PM the wiki is still hosted by Teppy

blondie - Yesterday at 8:10 PM and define short, though? we 're not quite at 2.5 years

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:10 PM Doesnt teppy gamble with bitcoins now, he can afford to host a wiki machine!

Dalia - Yesterday at 8:10 PM Shorter tale, then more ppl stay around, is all I meant.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:10 PM would it help to keep same herb methods? someone mentioned that you still have to find the herbs...

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:10 PM I'd say aiming for a year - 18 months tops.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:10 PM He stopped doing ATITD around 2010 and was actively going to kill it in 2014...

blondie - Yesterday at 8:11 PM we;'re only..umm... 8 months over 18 months and the people that paid full tale have a nice cost per month now, right?

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:11 PM Honestly, Teppy was barely involed even in T3

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:11 PM Actually blondie, full telling worked out for people beyond 16 months

blondie - Yesterday at 8:12 PM 1 year seems a little short, considering how long it takes for some stuff to happen...unless that could be sped up that could be too short for some

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:12 PM Well, if it's a redo of T7, one would imagine that'd speed things up.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:12 PM earlier? i]'m saying that's good. i've paid for EVERY Single month and then some....

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:12 PM Reducing the period of time a tale runs for has no change on the overall outcome, the same costs apply and the same volume of people still pay for that tale

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:12 PM Having the pop bumps of restarts might just be the only thing that keeps it going.

amran - Yesterday at 8:12 PM what about setting up home servers to cut hosting costs, you can get a lot of bandwidth piped into home based businesses now a days

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:13 PM make a 2 year clone t7 that a reasonable amount of time both for players to play and for reworkers to rework stuff that needs to be reworked

blondie - Yesterday at 8:13 PM knowing stuff doesn't mean you already have the stuff, you still need to get to it and some stuff is a waiting game amran lost me at...home servers Jaenelle - Yesterday at 8:14 PM I'd be happy with T8 being a repeat really, since I've never played the start of a tale. But I am just wondering... Can different avatars really not wear each other's clothes?

amran - Yesterday at 8:14 PM setup a server cluster at his house and pay for bandwidth instead of having someone else host the servers for a jacked up price alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:14 PM Player-hosted servers @blondie I think

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:14 PM amran, I can definatively say that since I switched my office to cable modem, I lose connectivity 50-60 times a month... The fiber line cost me $1600/month for 100Mb/s symetrical

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:15 PM I'm assuming you have looking into different methods of advertisement for the game Pluri?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:15 PM I can run dev/test at the office now, but production moved out in August to save the $$$$ Hmm, I can do in game add placements and jingles :smiley:

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:16 PM Here are your seeds! And some Bud Light! Dilly Dilly!(edited)

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:16 PM +1 for billboards in game :smile: /me remembers that april 1st

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:16 PM (That was actually an aprils fools joke one year :smiley: )

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:16 PM If you do adds, add a premium ad-free subscription option, and super-bonus prepaid options

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:16 PM what you need is to go steam but since you said it s impossible right now as the game is, just take 2 years to upgrade it with willing people and then DO go steam

blondie - Yesterday at 8:16 PM sorry, off topic a little but...since this is end of telling it bad to mention in game you said t7 would be ending in 2-3 month? someone's...been asking about end of tale time frame

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:17 PM well i meant outside of game... but i guess thats one way to generate revenue

tehm - Yesterday at 8:17 PM hey your Music tests could be "identify 10 of 12 jingles"

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:17 PM Ah yes, this is the end-of-tale cchat. When is T7 ending? alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:17 PM Not sure I like in-game advertising :stuck_out_tongue:

amran - Yesterday at 8:17 PM is there a way to release partial source code so that the playerbase can help renew the game while pluribus games keeps ownership without relasing too much info that can be used to cheat the game?

tehm - Yesterday at 8:17 PM approaching the chariot stop, the music is now "Enjoy CalTrraaaaansss" Blueshift - Yesterday at 8:17 PM I'd be happy with a 'clone' of t7, except with new regions and cs stops, since we've had these since t6 . the nice thing too is that all of the old tests would be available and more people could try out the newer tests that were released near the end of t7 (when population was low)

blondie - Yesterday at 8:18 PM the bad thing about steam and reviews is that we would have a hard t ime getting new blood? alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:18 PM LOL @tehm

blondie - Yesterday at 8:18 PM cause i think a few of us shmeviews

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:18 PM The entire point of steam would be getting new blood through exposure. It's just a matter of a couple bugs that would likely torpedo the reviews early on.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:19 PM Ok, here is my plan for the end of T7. I have to get one piece of artwork uploaded and working and I will release the last Test, (Alchemists Rune) I will probably release the monuments shortly after that...

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:19 PM yea but that would be in two years AFTER t8, the clone of t7, steam, not now

blondie - Yesterday at 8:19 PM right, ok i seee, yea, i 've heard it go bad for some devs recently...who had alphas and people still gave baad reviews

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:19 PM Right which would also be an issue with doing Patreon or some in-game purchases in that the only people looking would likely be those already paying/playing the game.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:19 PM Typical schedule is monuments for 1 month. Anything not built is a loss. Game wraps after that.

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:20 PM Is there a point to monuments if T8 won't have the new tests?

blondie - Yesterday at 8:20 PM the only thing for old players...well, i know some people even if they don't play give the game. If i could afford it , i would....but ...well, 'm sure others are in similar situations

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:20 PM Technically no, except they are monuments to the end of Tale as we all know it.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:20 PM i wondered if there was a point to storm gifts if tale will end in a couple of months lol

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:20 PM Maybe Mounuments in t7 to change some of the tests to better reflect what we want. alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:21 PM Yeah monuments are sorta a tradition

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:21 PM Possibly. Or just to leave a memento

blondie - Yesterday at 8:21 PM monuments also don't always reflect what majority wants, just the stuff we run to and the leaders we follow cause we keep following them ;p

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:21 PM I see changing a test might be easier than creating a new one

Eugenius - Yesterday at 8:21 PM That is a good idea LB

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:21 PM in the end, it feels like no matter which remedies are attempted, new blood is part of the equation no matter what.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:22 PM ^

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:22 PM Now, what I WILL say... if at all possible, Tale will be back. I just cant guantee the level of support that I have been giving it. alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:22 PM Appreciate your honesty and candor!!

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:22 PM Lazybum, See Test of Trust :smiley:

tehm - Yesterday at 8:22 PM I really hope wiki, shroomdar, herb-thingie, and The Goods can be back.

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:22 PM Pluribus: At least you are being honest and upfront about what you are doing and why. Teppy checked out while insisting he was supporting the game

Dalia - Yesterday at 8:22 PM So it sounds like the end in around Feb or March?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:23 PM The problem has always been since about T4 that not enough people play the game, without more people, it makes no odds what you do, it wont fix the issue, it will only keep it floating for a month or 2 more, buying monkeys is not a sustainable option alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:23 PM agree with @Yendor Laf - Yesterday at 8:23 PM Tx PLuribus for keeping this game alive!

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:23 PM @Pluribus check for my invite and talk to me if you need 3D

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:23 PM I would expect mod Feb.... Exact date gets set with release of monuments

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:23 PM so what can bring new blood? Steam,, Fanatical, Humble?

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:23 PM Test of trust vs test of the orchestra

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:24 PM Fixxer: Step 1: New engine, less bugs. Step 2: Steam. Step 3: Everyone start talkinga bout it to hype it up

blondie - Yesterday at 8:24 PM the large flow of people seem to leave after 6 months...or at least that's what it seemed like to me...but waves do come and go

tehm - Yesterday at 8:24 PM streamers (though I would suspect their audiences are fleeting and not sticky)

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:24 PM in the end, the best chance for new blood seems to be in the players hands imo streamers? i mean

blondie - Yesterday at 8:24 PM but new engine IS possible ?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:24 PM Except that new players are required to get to step 1 Yendor :stuck_out_tongue:

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:24 PM Orchestra is dead for now.... That one is an issue with the way the audio was handled... (It is actually coded as a sprite system that winds up being framerate dependant so sounds are 100% impossible to syncronize)

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:24 PM Maybe a series of video tutorials on Twitch/Youtube? Demo of making cc, or blacksmithing or .... Speedruns through Welcome Island?

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:25 PM search for atitd on yt. my vids are the top of the list and they are 2 years old. people dont cover old games like this

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:25 PM best thing would be steam if you can refresh the game to newer standards in a couple years in my opinion

tehm - Yesterday at 8:25 PM can you add a Newbie poll that says "how did you find this game" and allow a username as an answer? Award mentorship points for paid new users, say 1 per month for up to 3 months or points?

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:25 PM Yeah. I think Steam is what'll make it or break it.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:25 PM totally, yes to making demo, instructional videos for stuff. We only have cc , alloys and i saw a little blacksmithing demo Kaa - Yesterday at 8:25 PM what is the demographic spread of the players .. who does this game appeal to? who are the actual players - ages - experience etc .. ? .. thats where you should consider promoting and advertising .. imho .. many of us have played for over a dozen years .. the player base is getting as old as the software !?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:25 PM Just out of interest, is there a ballpark figure as to what this "new engine / engine rework" would cost?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:25 PM New engine is only possible with a LARGE influx of cash (Thing 1-2 years of a good OpenGL coder, so roughly $200K+ loaded cost.)

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:25 PM oh u beat me too it

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:26 PM maybe more frequent events to make the days of grinding a little more relaxed

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:26 PM steam early access category to excuse for the bugs in two years and you re good to go alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:26 PM Who are you calling old @Kaa ?? :wink:

amran - Yesterday at 8:26 PM i have played this game since t3 but coming back just recently as a newb in t7 is not easy at all newbies will not stick with game if they cant get leadership sigs, intros, acro etc......some things need adjusted at this point to make it more newb friendly or newbs wont stay

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:26 PM going EA will be a PR nightmare once people find out its a 16 year old game(edited)

blondie - Yesterday at 8:26 PM but don't early access people also complain and the last reviews at steam ...i hear some bad stuff about steam customers...

amran - Yesterday at 8:26 PM it took snow storms to even get sigs and intros to pass inits

tehm - Yesterday at 8:26 PM I have to go. Thank you Pluribus for this discussion and turning it positive before I left :smiley: :heart: Will catch up on missed messages when I'm back

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:27 PM Early access people do complain if the bugs are glaring enough.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:27 PM like a lot of young people just tryingto be first and most popular with reviews, hurting the game

tehm - Yesterday at 8:27 PM (oh and thank you everyone else for your constructive thoughts to helping this stay alive too) :heart: u all

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:27 PM IDK, if the options are "steam" or "ATITD quietly expires", I think going early access on Steam might make plenty of sense. kalmkitty - Yesterday at 8:27 PM bye tehm :smiley:

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:27 PM i dont see glaring bugs in here

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:27 PM you cant put a 16 year old game into EA on steam without getting shit on for it...

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:27 PM I'd suggest an attempt at Kickster before Steam.

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:28 PM YadNi: Pluribus mentioned earlier some bugs that cause really glaring graphical issues.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:28 PM I actually saw a video on youtube that was about mid way through T7, of some people who called atitd the "strangest game ever".. In the end they quit before they got off newbie island because they couldnt work out what to do... How possible would be to streamline that experience? they couldnt get off... even

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:28 PM early access would mean it s a work in progress and will only get better, but with the depht you already have in the gameplay, it would be stupid to let it die without a fucking fight alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:28 PM Yeah the sky missing sometimes I've seen that. Can't speak to Windows 10 rendering - seems to work OK for me.

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:28 PM I think one of the things we have to admit is that ATITD is a niche game. Yes we can probably find more players if a marketing push is made, but it is never going to be remotely close to mainstream

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:29 PM Rhoam, I have been asking for feedback on that since day 1, really read the signs and it tells you everything on how to get off the island...

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:29 PM Rhaom: I think that's mostly just a playerbase issue. Short of linking the wiki in-game to say "HEY LOOK AT THIS IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS", the best bet is always someone showing up to lend a hand. After all, what keeps people playing is the social network they make, and that's literally step 1.

Dalia - Yesterday at 8:29 PM Push to those who perfer non-violent games. realkit92 - Yesterday at 8:29 PM hmm what if we got together and started making a few yt videos anf getting it out there? maybe pay a promoting company to hype the videos up and we as the players can tackle that?

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:29 PM That seems kind of odd. I seem to recall it being pretty well laid out on welcome island what to do, but then again it's pretty much automatic now what to do.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:29 PM I dont know HOW to make it easier to get off the island and still have any idea what to do.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:29 PM well, the process of streamlining people on newbie island has already started, Bellah? has recreated newbie island with clear markers on where things are while leaving a little up to the player to get the feeling of exploring

Eugenius - Yesterday at 8:29 PM If there is a T8, I also would like to have an option of bypassing newbie Island.

Fairy - Yesterday at 8:29 PM maybe no newbie island alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:29 PM I had no problem getting off the island - some people are just plain impatient IMHO :stuck_out_tongue:

Eugenius - Yesterday at 8:29 PM But then I am an old vet.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:30 PM I agree Eugenius

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:30 PM See the trouble is that people want white arrows on their screen saying "Go to this spot and press F". newbie1 - Yesterday at 8:30 PM older people would love this game IF THEY KNEW ABOUT IT!

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:30 PM yes for sure Yendor Trekker - Yesterday at 8:30 PM Perhaps the mentorship test could involve actually mentoring on Welcome Island

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:30 PM I like the idea of beinig able to contact a mentor, much like someone would contact a gm.

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:30 PM ^

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:30 PM thought most know me from this tale as this name I have played before this under two other names. Andranya and SerraKaishen.

amran - Yesterday at 8:31 PM newbie island isn't the problem imho at this point its once you get off newbie island and cant complete inits or low end tests because of low population

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:31 PM Eugenius, Beer tokens can be used to bribe your way off the island :smiley:

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:31 PM we had that once I thought LB alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:31 PM Um, @newbie1 , many of us ARE "older people"!! :wink: Jaenelle - Yesterday at 8:31 PM Not being able to chat unless you're on the island is a pain for mentoring.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:31 PM That requires people actually label themselves as a mentor though LB and lerts be honest, how many people really do that

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:31 PM really? but how do we get those on the island lol

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:31 PM by paying :smile:

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:31 PM Rhaom: Enough would, I'm pretty sure.

Eugenius - Yesterday at 8:31 PM I didn't see that when I was on the island. realkit92 - Yesterday at 8:31 PM what if we were able to teleport back to the island as a way to help people?

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:31 PM I think there are issues caused by low population yes. Leadership and harmony are difficult, accro is virtually impossible, ..... hopefully the new-tale rush will at least temporarily help that

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:32 PM I think u would struggle to find a "mentor" now in T7 if u looked, even 6 months ago u would of struggled Peacefulness - Yesterday at 8:32 PM Even though Hinterlands isn't a region, I miss having regional-style chat available there

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:32 PM I'm always down to teach newbs when I play. If I could do it remotely via chat I'd really be okay with it, since I always live way out in the boonies.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:32 PM i saw the option but was amazed by the islands new design so i stayed on the island a bit longer to explore Jaenelle - Yesterday at 8:32 PM You can get back to the island, but who isn't already in the middle of something when they're playing?

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:32 PM Also yes to Hinterlands chat.

Fairy - Yesterday at 8:32 PM realkit92 you can,

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:32 PM a game with that depht of gameplay must not go to the trash, of that i m damn sure

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:32 PM Pluribus do you think perhaps a facebook page would generate interest in the game?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:32 PM There is a facebook page isnt there?

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:32 PM A FB page would be a good idea IMO.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:33 PM if there is Rhaom I"m not aware of it

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:33 PM Not that I use FB, but if there isn't one, it seems like a pretty good thing to do.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:33 PM I used to have a player who did a ton on my facebook page, but she stopped playing after some "guild" issues.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:33 PM

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:33 PM mais lol pomme de terroriste :smiley: tu parles d un pseudo :smiley: trop :smiley:

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:33 PM Lynn was great.

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:33 PM How about this feature request: Global chat

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:34 PM When I release monuments, I will enable the global chat to make coordination easier...

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:34 PM yeah back in t2 I had guild issues with an elder and quit for two tales

blondie - Yesterday at 8:34 PM we have an atitd group that's pretty popular but it's not an official atitd's...well, run by a player who's not actually playing for a while ;p

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:34 PM The system ALREADY has it... It is just turned off when not in Beta

blondie - Yesterday at 8:34 PM sounds good, plur

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:34 PM Similar to what Yendor just said about Global chat, could you make a chat tab that you could enable / disable at your choice so you can chat to people on the newbie island from the main land?

blondie - Yesterday at 8:35 PM but yea, i've heard some bad stuff about steam...i'm not sure how kickstarter works but i've seen some nice stuff come out of it

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:35 PM that would be good rhaom

Dalia - Yesterday at 8:35 PM I'm old school, but what about Mumble?

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:35 PM Blondie: I think it is a genunie issue that so many Wiki / IRC moderators and admins no longer play the game

blondie - Yesterday at 8:35 PM and tehm? mentioned knowing someone who did two successful kickstarter thingies

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:35 PM +1 on that Yendor

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:35 PM that or they play up to a point and then vanish for the rest of the tale

Dalia - Yesterday at 8:36 PM And then stop paying :frowning:

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:36 PM That's part of the reason that keeping tales shorter seems like a good issue to me. Attrition is going to be a thing, restarts offer some reprieve. realkit92 - Yesterday at 8:36 PM yeah def don;t have that much i think i'm in the ball park of 2k srry wc

Solaris - Yesterday at 8:36 PM how about lowering the participation requirements on some tests like festival, based on population? That would improve on the endgame

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:37 PM Rhoam, With allowing everyone on Welcome Island Chat... We actually though about that, and realized that some of our players when drunk/stoned/otherwise impared, would not make the best mentors for newbies if it was easy to comment about the new player asking new player questions

blondie - Yesterday at 8:37 PM yea, i guess...but then give up some control to those who do play...i'm not saying me, obvioiusly but it could be a group of don;'t want to burn peope out this would be volunteer work (well, wiki editing was more what i mean, there) but still...peoople do have rl responsibilities

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:37 PM lol Trekker - Yesterday at 8:37 PM have we come up with a way to make this game possible for T8? seems like we're getting off track talking about upgrading features when we don't know what we can do to keep the game alive... or did I miss something??

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:37 PM haha Pluribus

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:37 PM I mean, what worked for other games? What other older sub-based games are still alive today, and how have they managed that?

blondie - Yesterday at 8:37 PM you could have people who picked up mentor in the chat

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:37 PM Trekker: T8 is going to be T7 rebooted

blondie - Yesterday at 8:37 PM hm..i guess you can't make a guild at island?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:38 PM okay Pluribus how about a select few having access to the island? maybe like with two toons. one to play with in regular stuff and one that just stays on the island.

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:38 PM Allow mentor to open p. much right off the bat and allow mentors to talk on island chat.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:38 PM plur did mention something about changing topics, fixxer

Dalia - Yesterday at 8:38 PM Yes Blondie - like Pirates

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:38 PM But yeah, right now there's the glaring question of "Will there even BE a T8"

blondie - Yesterday at 8:38 PM sorry, trekker

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:38 PM mayber more bonuses for mentors, I know there used to be a mineral map, but this tale its gone

Fairy - Yesterday at 8:39 PM Yendor is that confirmed?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:39 PM the bonus of atitd not dieing not being enough?

blondie - Yesterday at 8:39 PM wait, yea, was decision to reboot t7 for t8 to be kept alive? and, some stuff in t7 is already a reboot , jes sayin

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:39 PM Lazy, it is? I thought I had fixed that... (I may have just disabled it, because it outright lied previously)

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:39 PM Fairy: I don't think Pluribus has definately stated it, but he did switch the topics to what we wanted to see in T8 so I choose to be positive newbie1 - Yesterday at 8:40 PM why not just a redo of t7 as t8 and everyone vow to try not to complain? And try to be so nice to new players they want to stay

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:40 PM yeah it is, i mean look at me, i was so glad to find it still standing 13 years later after i played it first, and now i think it must still stand

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:40 PM agreed YadNi

blondie - Yesterday at 8:40 PM i've only done mentor points for cornestones lol

Fairy - Yesterday at 8:40 PM ok, i'm relaying messages via facebook to people who are at work and can't join in Trekker - Yesterday at 8:40 PM Can you afford to go into a T8 Pluribus with just a T7 reboot, if not, what can we do to fix that?

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:41 PM dont need new bonuses or whatever, we just need it to keep telling

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:41 PM If I could do mentorship remotely/pop to and from the island at will, I'd basiclaly do it just to do it -- assuming it unlocked right away.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:41 PM and the fact that mentors can no longer build on the island hurts aswell

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:41 PM I like helping people and making contacts that last, as long as they stay off my lawn (ie all of southern Sinai).

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:41 PM newbie island is a lot smaller now then it used to be.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:41 PM There has to be way to have some sort of regulated chat that goes between newbie island and the main land without it being made negative... surely

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:41 PM there are 9 islands though

blondie - Yesterday at 8:41 PM they could build before? that would s eem cheaty, no ?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:42 PM Rhoam, WHO regulates the chat?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:42 PM (looks around then checked out a build site in lower Sinai just for the heck of it.)

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:42 PM Just trying to think if there is a way you could use the mic system

blondie - Yesterday at 8:42 PM we aren't using the islands anymore...people did go crazy at the start when we all landed on different islands..that was kind of funny til couples got mad they were separated

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:42 PM What can I afford to do toward a T8...

amran - Yesterday at 8:42 PM moderated newb isl chat like microphone chats in mainland?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:42 PM The question is how is the mic controlled then

blondie - Yesterday at 8:43 PM the chat in island is just like regional but only in the island

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:43 PM in early tales I used to have a chest on newbie island that contained seeds / slate so I could help out

blondie - Yesterday at 8:43 PM can#t mentor guilds have some link to ...island, maybe? that could help

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:43 PM Amran, ET cant stay moderated 7/24 so you want news to type into a channel that doesnt get auto posted and no one responds because the mod is asleep?

amran - Yesterday at 8:43 PM there are enough vets that have enough courtsesy to know what to and what not to post to a mic

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:44 PM Right, but you still run into the vetting / sufficient density problem.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:44 PM Lazybum, yes you probably did.... Built by me or Teppy :smiley:

blondie - Yesterday at 8:44 PM hm, yea, i dunno, i don't mind few resources in island....but maybe that would give newbs more time to get used to egypt if they need it

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:44 PM The newbie island I remember first going to was a good size, you could actually stay and build a little and the tar pit was quite a ways up a hill. now people go there and think everything is going to be very close on the mainland. then they go and you have to run all over to find stuff.

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:44 PM What about a mic on the island with a huge sign pointing to it saying that if you have a question you can ask it here. And then people that want to mentor would subscribe to it and would see the messages. They could then pop to the island and help the person. Ideally wouldn't need to be moderated and would just send messages out.

amran - Yesterday at 8:44 PM can the moderation be one way where newbs can post straight thru but mods have to approve posts from mainland?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:44 PM No one asked for one this telling

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:44 PM Basically it's a question of gatekeeping: How do you keep the rare troll out but allow people who want to help in.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:44 PM it's pretty overwhelming coming into mainland and not having others around you

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:44 PM Pluribus: A long time ago, multiple moderators could look a mic's callboard. The only bug was if they simultaneouly tried to use it --- and that was controlled via a sticky note saying who had it

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:44 PM I'd say make a chat system that allows anyone, BUT tie it to a requirement to have 3 people say you've "mentored" them to join.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:44 PM rahu, that sounds like a good idea about the mic

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:45 PM I was wondering WHY that got killed.... the moderation code is evil

blondie - Yesterday at 8:45 PM but it's not too public and would need to be moderated maybe Laf - Yesterday at 8:45 PM Why moderate ET?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:45 PM Laf, easy, because all microphones are moderated. and ET is a microphone

blondie - Yesterday at 8:46 PM can something be linked from people who have mentor test and the island? ii dunno, that seemed like a good idea ...maybe..just not sure how in practice

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:46 PM spam radio is the least moderated mic :smile: Laf - Yesterday at 8:46 PM why is moderation needed?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:47 PM Because people have been known to spam channels to the point of crashing the server.... (which is why the client closes when you start spamming the channels now)

amran - Yesterday at 8:47 PM moderation is needed for newbie island to chat with mainland so drunks/druggies don't run off newbs isn't that what we were talking about or we talking about global chat now?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:47 PM that is part of it amran

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:47 PM Could you lock a chat channel so that only non (whats the word i am looking for.. civilans) can post in it?

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:47 PM i m not sure all those questions are really relevant to the problem guys, it s the future of t8 that s important no?

blondie - Yesterday at 8:47 PM i do miss multiple boards...but i guess that had been an issue too (also not moding any boards atm, ET is stressful)

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:47 PM I'm guessing there's no way to limit what a mic can pick-up so that you could say limit the people that could talk in it to only those that are actual newbies.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:47 PM Amran, true, I was answer Laf who asked why moderation was needed at all on microphones

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:48 PM that way it could be global going out from newbie island and people who are mentors could respond via private chat tab

amran - Yesterday at 8:48 PM yup yup

blondie - Yesterday at 8:48 PM yad, we were talking about t8 improvements, as per the boss...i'm happy to discuss anything, though ;p Trekker - Yesterday at 8:48 PM @YadNi that's what I said. Let's focus on what we need to do to make sure there IS a T8 Laf - Yesterday at 8:48 PM if client closes, is it still required now?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:48 PM we need to be certain the people that help the newbies on the island are honest with them but not to the point of making them decide not to play. show them how to do things, talk them through it all is what is best.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:48 PM So a read-only channel when NOT on newbie island but open when on the island.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:49 PM only open if you have passed the initiation principles

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:49 PM yea guys stop spamming with your needs and little stuff, pardon my bluntness but that s not the damn point right now

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:49 PM so people who have cant just go therre and spam it realkit92 - Yesterday at 8:49 PM any possible way of implimenting a voice chance in game?

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:49 PM Yeah. And ideally limited to accepting chat from real new players to try and limit the spam.

blondie - Yesterday at 8:49 PM Plur made the suggestion...guys

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:49 PM exactly realkit92 - Yesterday at 8:49 PM chat*

blondie - Yesterday at 8:49 PM so don't tell us to stop spamming


YadNi - Yesterday at 8:49 PM i said bunt :smiley: when need be :smiley:

blondie - Yesterday at 8:50 PM also, if people have suggestions, can't they also be discussed at a later time or with more people?

amran - Yesterday at 8:50 PM atitd has a mumble server realkit but most don't use it

Yendor - Yesterday at 8:50 PM The spam system catches me from time to time. I wanted to post deatiled build instructions to the ~100 members in ZAQ. Had to do it 3 at a time and relog in...

Fairy - Yesterday at 8:50 PM can we please go back to T8 subject it's almost 2am for some of us

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:50 PM yes please back to t8

blondie - Yesterday at 8:50 PM i thought bunt was kind of rude but maybe that's just me th inking

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:50 PM I have no idea what mumble is lol

amran - Yesterday at 8:50 PM yes t8 please

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:50 PM yes please

blondie - Yesterday at 8:50 PM this discussion is going to go too long

amran - Yesterday at 8:50 PM mumble is voice chat

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:50 PM Real asked about voice chat in game... Technically yes, but honestly, with so many GOOD voice chat apps around, does it make sense for me to spend engineering time to implement something best done outside the game?

blondie - Yesterday at 8:50 PM i don't know why people thought it wasn't

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:51 PM let Pluribus give us his conclusions now, for the love of Horus!!!

blondie - Yesterday at 8:51 PM and it was plur who shifted case it's been forgetting

amran - Yesterday at 8:51 PM in game voice chat means a lot more bandwidth to pay for not really a good option

blondie - Yesterday at 8:51 PM is it possible to have this type of discussion in game too?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:51 PM Osiris give you peace YadNi Jaenelle - Yesterday at 8:51 PM Probably we just need to be more active and promote voice chat if people want it/feel it would be useful, using those 3rd party apps.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:51 PM it works the same way it does here blondie :stuck_out_tongue:

blondie - Yesterday at 8:51 PM and maybe we can do it earlier? or separate topics? Laf - Yesterday at 8:51 PM if you can just block someone in chat I see no need in moderation if you need to be a paid player to speak in ET (pro free of speach)

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:52 PM we werent talking about EY Lag laf*

blondie - Yesterday at 8:52 PM like when you can't see what they say?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:52 PM we were talking about newbie island

blondie - Yesterday at 8:52 PM th'ats weird

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:52 PM Ok so to summarize things just to make sure we are thinking the same things...

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:52 PM lol

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:54 PM 1) General concensus is that a replay of T7 is acceptable (Personally, I would still re-arrange the regions, and change world seeds. (The random seeds that control where things are when they have a random component) 2) indiegogo / gofundme / patreon for ongoing work? with end goal to prep for steam or larger rollout

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:55 PM sounds good alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 8:55 PM I like it Ouijdani - Yesterday at 8:55 PM I am fine with T8 being a repeat of T7, though I'd prefer a new ore map, a foraging scramble, etc like the other tales. Just give me a full tale price and I will buy my accounts, and give me a Patreon or similar "donation box" where I can contribute some extra to the cause and I will be happy. (I had this all written out before the summary started.) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:55 PM lovely

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:55 PM What about also bringing back buying ingame pets that really do nothing but add a bit of cashflow?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:56 PM How much does it cost to buy full tale atm?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:56 PM With the understanding... I most likely wont be able to work fulltime on it... but am willing to put in some time as long as it pays its bills

Fairy - Yesterday at 8:56 PM Rahu when did you last play?

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 8:56 PM Works for me. Just please announce the startup date as early as possible so people can post to Reddit/Facebook/Etc and try to scrounge up as many people as possible.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:56 PM I can agree to that rahu

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:56 PM This tale

Fairy - Yesterday at 8:56 PM there are cats, otters and monkey

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 8:57 PM wish we could have dogs too ..

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:57 PM OK, they weren't there in the beginning maybe? Or I couldn't find a cat salesperson or something.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:57 PM Rhoam, FT isnt worth it right now... FT is basicly an upfron of 16 months and expires when the telling does... so likely 2 months

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:57 PM I had an otter in T6. Jaenelle - Yesterday at 8:57 PM Merch should be added to the site if you already have it. I personally would have bought a shirt already if it was up there.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:57 PM yeah thats why i was asking, u could put the price up a bit maybe?

blondie - Yesterday at 8:57 PM ok, i posted those 3-4 comments from you, Pluribus

Rhaom - Yesterday at 8:57 PM You gain nothing from it really

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:57 PM now we know where we re going :smiley:

blondie - Yesterday at 8:57 PM into ET in egypt hope that helps

amran - Yesterday at 8:58 PM agrees with jaenelle

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:58 PM i can go back to my sculpture :smiley:

Dalia - Yesterday at 8:58 PM Sounds like a Player Meet will be really important next year. realkit92 - Yesterday at 8:58 PM agreed

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:58 PM Shirts... Either way, I willing to put them up on the store... However, when I run out of a size, I dont have a current source for more :smiley: realkit92 - Yesterday at 8:58 PM PLurb what about if you try to host on T-spring doen'st cost you anything for the shirts and such? Ouijdani - Yesterday at 8:58 PM My last T3 shirt finally disintegrated. It lasted a lot longer than the T4/T5 shirts. Laf - Yesterday at 8:58 PM put up what you got :p

YadNi - Yesterday at 8:59 PM and @Pluribus, please feel free to contact me if you need/want about 3d modeling i ll be more than happy to help with all my skills

Fairy - Yesterday at 8:59 PM Plur what do you need for the shirts as i have a t-shirt printing company realkit92 - Yesterday at 8:59 PM Teespring Teespring - The best way to sell custom apparel online! Teespring makes it easier than ever to sell custom printed apparel. Leverage the power of your network to earn money with absolutely no cost.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 8:59 PM My shirts are still in prestiene shape

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 8:59 PM teespring is another good idea

Pluribus - Yesterday at 8:59 PM I REALLY wish I had a source for the old T1 shirts :smiley: I have all the shirts that Teppy had left over... and all the music CDs.... (I can make CDs for the new music as well)

Rahu - Yesterday at 8:59 PM For a mech item would there be any chance of posters? I'd love to get something to put up on the wall for the game. Jaenelle - Yesterday at 8:59 PM It's fairly easy to get a logo printed on all sorts of knick knacks, from what I understand, with maybe a certain minimum order? Or maybe even on demand. Peacefulness - Yesterday at 9:00 PM (sorry about my comments being so delayed.....I'm still about 20 minutes behind when it comes to speed-reading all the comments) Newbie can go there whenever you please by visiting any welcome banner (Starting the test of mentor ship may be required??) and building a welcome banner in a convenient location isn't expensive. You can also see new players arriving at Newbie Island if you have the Immigrants channel open.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:00 PM There was an online store at some point mid tale i saw, did it get taken down?

Fairy - Yesterday at 9:00 PM i can do 1off's at no extra cost.

blondie - Yesterday at 9:00 PM i think my atitd shirt was left behind in the US..erm ..with my ex ;p

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:00 PM Pluribus how about if someone needs a special size or one thats out they can opt to pay up front for it so you can get it? would that help?

blondie - Yesterday at 9:01 PM the extra special atitd size :smile:

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:01 PM @Peacefulness yeah I get that but seeing new players arriving there and them needing help are vastly different, i was just trying to think of a way for them to contact someone on the mainland when they are really stuck

Fairy - Yesterday at 9:01 PM mugs and keyrings would be a good money maker

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:02 PM LOL, I actually think we have shorts from Smalls to 5XL (No mediums at all)

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:02 PM @Rhaom Even "new" players requesting help does not get help right now alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 9:02 PM Yay for large sizes! :smiley:

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:02 PM lol

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:02 PM ATITD-the T-shirt, ATITD-the Coloring Book, ATITD-the Lunch box, ATITD-the Breakfast Cereal, ATITD-the Flame Thrower.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:02 PM And the atitd shirts are SUPER confortable

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:03 PM How much for the flamethrower?

blondie - Yesterday at 9:03 PM lol, rahu

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:03 PM slow down rahu lol alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 9:03 PM LOL flamethrower?? :smile:

blondie - Yesterday at 9:03 PM how about the voodoo doll? only to relax you...let off steam....and stuff

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:03 PM flamethrower? no granade launchers?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:03 PM The T1 shorts were super comfy... I dont like the T4 ones as well, but they work... I REALLY wish I had the sand shirts still

Dalia - Yesterday at 9:03 PM granade launchers for raeli ovens only

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:04 PM darn

blondie - Yesterday at 9:04 PM no,. no, don't hurt pam's ovens hides

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:04 PM rofl alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 9:04 PM LOL

amran - Yesterday at 9:05 PM micro transactions for explosives could be a big money maker

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:05 PM why? so you can be banned?

blondie - Yesterday at 9:05 PM i can see why you'd like that, Amran

amran - Yesterday at 9:05 PM sowwy i had to

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:05 PM lol

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:06 PM ok all, I think we are done the productive chat :smiley: Please feel free to keep chatting here if something productive .... (Banter is good :smiley: )

amran - Yesterday at 9:06 PM i just wanna blow up the snow storm before blondie gets to it

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:06 PM Make it a macro transaction for explosives. Pay for the servers for a month and you can blow something up and get banned. Who wouldn't pay for that.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:06 PM Along the theme of people helping out, is a new website something that had been considered, the one we have looks a little... stale? and might be off putting as far as creating a larger player base is concerned. I realise in the grand scheme of things its way down the list on importance but I would be all for helping with that (as i am sure would others)

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:06 PM FYI, I have some idea for the microtransaction in game, just need to code a better in game store... The store is EVIL code...

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 9:07 PM That seems to be a trend.

Eugenius - Yesterday at 9:07 PM micro transaction for Glassified lures would be a great money maker (limited to 5 types) alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 9:07 PM THank you Pluribus!!!

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:07 PM Eugenius I like that one Laf - Yesterday at 9:07 PM Thank Pluribus

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:07 PM Rhoam, LOL, I have gone though 4 sets of people who wanted to help out and code the store, spend a week on it and never hear from again... makes for slow progress :smiley:

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:07 PM I might be willing to part with a fair bit of cash to buy my way to offline barley.

amran - Yesterday at 9:07 PM micro transactions are the way of the future in games these days

Dalia - Yesterday at 9:07 PM TY Plur! So GLAD there will be a T*!!

blondie - Yesterday at 9:07 PM i guess about s tuff for newbs, a facebook page not great, but it could work for public info, maybe i considered that but i figured people wouldn't go there Maata - Yesterday at 9:08 PM When the chariots are positioned keep in mind there is no cs between 7L and SE. Really miss Kush area

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:08 PM Kush was T2 right?

blondie - Yesterday at 9:08 PM you live in rp, woman

Eugenius - Yesterday at 9:08 PM I seriously would spend money above the subscription to have a few good lures and a good rod.

blondie - Yesterday at 9:08 PM yea, think so, plur

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:08 PM yes plur Silden - Yesterday at 9:08 PM Sounds like everything is evil code, Pluribus. May need a proficient coder to look at converting it to less fragile and SOLID code.

blondie - Yesterday at 9:09 PM i think tha's where balt started with all the mines and levels of metals Maata - Yesterday at 9:09 PM Only because that region is gone blondie! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pomme de Terroriste - Yesterday at 9:09 PM Yeah, it's just the cost that makes that sticky, Silden. Kaa - Yesterday at 9:09 PM I would gladly buy TT in early going ... if it was available in the store ... :wink:

Eugenius - Yesterday at 9:09 PM I need to go afk. Need to run to the store again.

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:09 PM I'd buy cut gems. I think it would hurt the game but I'd buy them anyway Trekker - Yesterday at 9:09 PM Kush was T3 I think

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:09 PM Silden, when coding the UI code in game script, I dont care what the language is, it is ALL evil Maata - Yesterday at 9:09 PM I think it was Lower Nubia in T2

blondie - Yesterday at 9:09 PM oh well

amran - Yesterday at 9:09 PM i know a couple coders that play every tale and I'm sure theyd be willing to help but idont have contact info for them only in game names

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:09 PM thats an idea. if you are trying to train something and the mats are too hard to get you can buy them

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:10 PM So maybe we need to fund a priest to perform an exorcism on the code first.

blondie - Yesterday at 9:10 PM sorry i don' t have the memory for 7 tellings intact

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:10 PM Maybe a vote for name's on the CS's in early tale

blondie - Yesterday at 9:10 PM but i'm pretty sure i met baby balt in t2

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:10 PM I miss Khartoum

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:10 PM That could be a kickstarter reward: $10,000 to name a region Maata - Yesterday at 9:10 PM It was also Monroe or something like that

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:10 PM $1000 for a chariot station with two connections

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:11 PM People love that kind of thing Yendor, no doubt someone to pay to name a region maybe not 10k though :stuck_out_tongue:

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:11 PM Region McRegionFace

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:11 PM LOL

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:11 PM Oh Lord

blondie - Yesterday at 9:11 PM well, i['m out, i'm lucky to get 100 bucks meroe? alyn_nyla - Yesterday at 9:11 PM Thanks all for a productive - and hopeful - chat!! :smile:

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:12 PM you and me both blondie unless my book takes off really really well.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:12 PM Actually that is the point of microtransactions.... people will spend a lot more $$$ with microtransaction then they are ever willing to do when it is straight $$$ Maata - Yesterday at 9:12 PM Yes blondie

amran - Yesterday at 9:13 PM exactly pluribus i have seen people spend whole paychecks per week on micro transactions Jaenelle - Yesterday at 9:13 PM I think we have an older population and could find a way to market to that, and if we want to appeal to a younger population and a larger base, the graphics at least need to be updated. I don't care about that stuff, but kids these days do.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:13 PM I've come close a time or two amran Khnumbaf - Yesterday at 9:13 PM thanks for the chat everryone and thanks for hosting and sharing your thoughts, Plur.

amran - Yesterday at 9:13 PM lol

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:13 PM I would bet that if I let people buy "Plurbucks" (or some such thing) and then gave them the ability to buy cats with them starting at 3000 plurbuck they would do it easier than spending $25 on one... even if that 3000 cost them $30 :smiley:

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:14 PM one thing that might appeal to a younger group could be ridable camels and/or horses in game

blondie - Yesterday at 9:14 PM i know i spent too much on simsfreeplay...but that's another story not really my type of game

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:14 PM


blondie - Yesterday at 9:14 PM, two person airships and isis bounty thingies Ouijdani - Yesterday at 9:14 PM This game is too hard for young people. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

blondie - Yesterday at 9:14 PM those i hate to navigate

amran - Yesterday at 9:14 PM even if you don't do plurbucks create more microtransactions, cornerstones, fishing rods, herbs, anything in game can be sold outright for the i want it now folks

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:15 PM Ridable camels means new models and animations... See the "Pluribus is the only person" comment near the beginning of this chat :smiley:

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:15 PM you would have to make buying a cat at 2650 plurbucks and sell in 1k incriments

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 9:15 PM if you make it too p2w youre gonna alienate people....

blondie - Yesterday at 9:15 PM not true, some people started atitd really young and are pretty cool

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:15 PM I'd buy a snakespine rod or two, and I don't think that would be as game-breaking as cut gems

blondie - Yesterday at 9:15 PM zatarg started at 14...i remember him in fools paradise in t2

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:15 PM But we have to ask for ridable camels and ponies. It's tradition!

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:15 PM but plur is right. I play a browser based game and I buy gems all the time to use them to increase my land size.

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 9:15 PM young people in 2001 are different than young people in 2017

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:16 PM Aphophis quote: "If I put horses in the game you'd next complain about having to feed them"

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:16 PM LOL, they would...

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:16 PM well duh Khnumbaf - Yesterday at 9:16 PM please no ptw

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:16 PM we would need stable too to put them away at night

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:16 PM P2Look pretty

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:16 PM can you buy more than 1 pet?

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:16 PM Land ownership would be big money, but it would also need a fair bit of development cost

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:17 PM And be a huge furball of fighting around it.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:17 PM indeed

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:17 PM Not the multiple pets, though furballs fighting could still happen, but for the land purchasing.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:17 PM Josh Yelon: (One of the original engine coders): "If I gave the players a big red button that said 'Destroys Egypt once and for all' there would be some player asking if saltpeter would fix it"

blondie - Yesterday at 9:17 PM didn't you see that option to drop all cats? pfft, you can have a bunch ;p

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:17 PM actually .... owning land around your cp so others can't build right next to you. interesting idea ..

blondie - Yesterday at 9:17 PM we had something like that...with the beacons where you can't build i wonder, people could actually say, yea, don't touch my trees , that could limit resources or cause someone to hoard to keep away from others?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:18 PM There is landownership code... It hasnt had any attention is probably a decade... so no idea if it can be made to work or if it was inherently broken and that is why it was killed

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:19 PM true but thing is the way it is now blondie if you think you might increase your cp and someone builds within a few spaces there goes your increase. Khnumbaf - Yesterday at 9:19 PM how abouta maximum objects per coords restriction to force spreading tings out, thus reducing lag?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:19 PM no that would limit how many items you can buld inside your cp as well

blondie - Yesterday at 9:19 PM dunno, i guess 2 sides or more to coins, it could work with limits maybe

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:19 PM Maybe an entrance fee for events, like 1 beer token

blondie - Yesterday at 9:20 PM beer tokens should give beer points for perception

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:20 PM and you can (here we go again) buy the tokens

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:20 PM LOL, crowding is designed to reduce lag, alas, players discovered that you can overload yourself and force drop things, I may just close that whole by destroying dropped items when overloaded, as a way to cure it....

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:20 PM +! morgassemonroe

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:20 PM Weren't full telling players supposed to get new tokens starting at month #18?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:20 PM no no no I tend to run back and get stuff lol

blondie - Yesterday at 9:21 PM i only got my first year ones

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:21 PM Beer tokens should result in beer. As in real life beer delivered to your door.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:21 PM overloading yourself to drop an item doesn't always work though, silly det charges can never be placed on road :frowning:

blondie - Yesterday at 9:21 PM but i see new players get the one, which helps for levels, mwahaahaa

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:21 PM I often overload myself by mistake and drop it then go back to get it, pls dont do that!

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:21 PM Yendor, nope, nowhere did I state that....

blondie - Yesterday at 9:22 PM lol

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:22 PM Rhoam, See then I cant prevent people from deliberately overcrowding areas and lagging people with low end machines out.

Hapy2Day2 - Yesterday at 9:23 PM all I want to know is when tale 7 ends and is there going to be a tale 8

blondie - Yesterday at 9:23 PM i'm sorry, i was wondering what you were saying you didn't say. yendor needs more levels ;p

realkit92 - Yesterday at 9:23 PM silly question but what language is atitd programmed in?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:23 PM evil?

blondie - Yesterday at 9:23 PM english ? sorry baad ooh that's better morgan

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:23 PM very bad lol

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:23 PM maybe make weight/bulk more of a slow you down to a halt than cant move

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:23 PM Realkit, the engine is C/C++. The game script is an eGenesis scripting language called babelscript

blondie - Yesterday at 9:23 PM

  • morgas, that's worse, though, you sholuld be morgan

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:24 PM should be a sample :smiley:

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:24 PM you have not read the books I do. morgasse was a queen in one of them

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:24 PM is the peerreview code.

blondie - Yesterday at 9:25 PM you think i have time to read books while i play this game? pfft

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:26 PM neither of them are 100% up to date, I am sure changes have been made since T7 started... I update those files once in a while, but they are good examples of what the Tale game script looks like

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:26 PM I not only read I'm writing one lol

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:27 PM Alignable brickracks? Neat! Istwan - Yesterday at 9:27 PM @Yendor i thought i read that too, but don't have the client installed to read the wording

blondie - Yesterday at 9:27 PM oh sorry, i was stuck thinkign about that commercial, not only am i in the hairclub for men, i;m the president

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:27 PM rofl Hapy2Day2 - Yesterday at 9:29 PM I will ask again!! Is there going to be a tale 8? That is why we came back realkit92 - Yesterday at 9:30 PM fairly similar to java in retrospec

blondie - Yesterday at 9:30 PM i was gonna say, i'd pay real money if i could change some of the snow messages from Wow it's really snowing hard oh boy, you're gonna have to shovel all this snow later

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:30 PM JAVA is the language of the devil it needs to die already realkit92 - Yesterday at 9:30 PM lmao

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:31 PM I've always prefered C++. Much easier to shoot yourself

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:31 PM I think that I saw someone ask again about the end of T7... Final test in the next few days, monuments shortly thereafter.... One month after monuments then T7 ends... T8 is likely to be a T7ish clone just to keep it alive. Minor changes likely... Pluribus will be MIA alot as he will need to get another job to live...

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:31 PM JAVA is just disgusting in every possible way, I cannot understand why people want to use it Hapy2Day2 - Yesterday at 9:32 PM ok ty for replying

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:32 PM Rhaom: Before cross-platform engines like Unity, Java was the way to have a cross-platform GUI

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:32 PM the only benefit is that u dont have to deal with pointers Jaenelle - Yesterday at 9:32 PM Is there downtime between tales?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:32 PM yes true, cross-platform is what it has going for it

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:33 PM LOL, yes, usually a week or so. I basicly have a month to prep for a new telling if I am going to pull this off...

blondie - Yesterday at 9:33 PM ssoo, like 2-3 months, yea?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:34 PM I expect T7 to end mid Feb at latest.

blondie - Yesterday at 9:34 PM we are continuing discussions, you're taking suggestions on how to keep t8? Mypal - Yesterday at 9:34 PM IMO decomplex the game. After a 2-3 months new playes just feel so overwhelmed and stop playing or even people like myself that just don't have the time to devote to it everyday

blondie - Yesterday at 9:34 PM ok, ty Jaenelle - Yesterday at 9:34 PM Hey I've never done this before and you're taking my toys away! I had to ask! :grinning: Khnumbaf - Yesterday at 9:35 PM lol Jeanelle;)

blondie - Yesterday at 9:35 PM she's so cute

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:35 PM Mypal, decomplex it HOW? A big red easy button? or just make everyone on oracle after 3 months of play time? Too easy and where is the accomplishment of doing something? That was half my fun when I played... (Beating Teppy at his own game) Mypal - Yesterday at 9:35 PM I mean I like that its complex in that there is so much to do but... when u start falling behind due to casual play it's overwhelping Peacefulness - Yesterday at 9:36 PM haven't quite figured out how to respond to a specific post....Pluribus - Today at 9:31 PM I think that I saw someone ask again about the end of T7... Final test in the next few days, monuments shortly thereafter.... One month after monuments then T7 ends... T8 is likely to be a T7ish clone just to keep it alive. Minor changes likely... Pluribus will be MIA alot as he will need to get another job to live... personally, I have no issues with "piddling around in T7" for a very long time. There is SO much I haven't done yet. I'm not playing the game in a hurry.

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:36 PM Mypal: The most important thing is to realize it's impossible to do everything. The second most important thing is to join a guild.

amran - Yesterday at 9:37 PM everyone moves at their own pace techs and skills are mostly avail at not too high a level play at your own pace and don't worry about being top dog

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:37 PM Mypal, WHY do you feel a need to do it all? It really isnt possible... I was the definition of power gaming in this game, and I burned out after about 6 months of going full bore.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:37 PM Pluri can u see how many Oracle of Seven there are atm just out of interest?

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:37 PM Peacefulness: The biggest advantage to a reboot is Pluribus gets a cash infusion from people re-upping their full telling. There will also be more people on (at least for a while) Mypal - Yesterday at 9:38 PM I have no idea how to find the balance if I did I would develop a game myself lol. I'm just speaking from experience and I'm sure others have felt this that about 3-5 months into the game it just becomes a bit overwhelming.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:38 PM Peacefulness: What about it is hard? Was I confusing?

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:39 PM I have never felt this game as overwhelming, It only whelms to the extent that you let it

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:39 PM A lot of people prefer the early telling... So a reboot gives them that... Alas, certain people will rush to complete as much as possible with macros so other people CANT research things... Hey, thoughts for those here....

amran - Yesterday at 9:39 PM mypal find a good guild and find friends to play with it will help stop the overwhelming feeling

blondie - Yesterday at 9:40 PM lol, not a fan of start of telling, but i may be alone

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:40 PM maybe a macro option within the game itself

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:40 PM Make techs INSANELY expensive the first uni that opens it and drop costs for each additional uni that opens each tech... or maybe only allow people to learn from thier "home" regions and cut costs to be reasonable.

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:40 PM Honestly from a gameplay perspective I prefer end game. But Egypt needs more people in it Jaenelle - Yesterday at 9:41 PM But can't you just switch your "home" region at whim?

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:41 PM Maybe have only 2 Universities per region

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:42 PM How do you define one's home region? Maata - Yesterday at 9:42 PM I don't like everyone having to learn from their home region. Begining of the tale is hard to open techs

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:42 PM and then maybe scale costs based on the number of unis that have a tech open...

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:42 PM Since switching or even requiring a CP in a region isn't that hard to do.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:42 PM Rahu, You set a home location in your navigation menu...

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:42 PM I like the idea of costs decreasing for "old" techs. That would make it possible for other regions to do research Maata - Yesterday at 9:42 PM You can't set a new home for 7 days

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:42 PM and you can switch your home region like once a week or something

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:42 PM Right, but I mean to prevent people from just switching it. I don't even recall if I ever even set that in the game. Maata - Yesterday at 9:43 PM Everyone would set their home where ever Gumby is

amran - Yesterday at 9:43 PM research is a big part of the social aspect of this game reducing costs would diminish that would it not?

blondie - Yesterday at 9:43 PM you can maata

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:43 PM suggests a tax to lower the cost down

amran - Yesterday at 9:43 PM i always liked opening new techs at tale start

blondie - Yesterday at 9:43 PM no, i like reduction of costs

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:43 PM I thought Gumby quit? Maata - Yesterday at 9:43 PM Yes its fun working together

blondie - Yesterday at 9:43 PM that's a lot of stress for other people, i hide cause ican't compete Maata - Yesterday at 9:44 PM He did but maybe he will come back Peacefulness - Yesterday at 9:44 PM the chat still moves too fast for me and my computer! English IS my first language,, and by the time I get around to reading a post I want to respond to, 10-20 minutes have passed! I think I'm catching up, though ;D

amran - Yesterday at 9:44 PM heck ive even opened some techs solo back in the day

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:44 PM Amran, yes and no... Right now, a few guilds who macroed everything they could pushed techs to the point of end game techs within 6 weeks of starting the telling :frowning:

blondie - Yesterday at 9:44 PM some of us can't be crazy work horses, though

amran - Yesterday at 9:44 PM so techs aren't that hard to open

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:44 PM And that might also hurt people that like to camp out in the boonies/low population regions.

blondie - Yesterday at 9:44 PM says one who hasn't opened techs ;p i think that stuff burns people out too, though Mypal - Yesterday at 9:44 PM How bout reducing number of regions.. or having just 1 main university of each type where everyone has to work towards a goal to open things but the items could be turned into a specific spot in each region

blondie - Yesterday at 9:45 PM not hard but a lot of work

amran - Yesterday at 9:45 PM regional techs create competition, techs are good as is imo

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:45 PM I kind of like the idea of one U per region. But that means that life will be PAIN until chariots are open

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:45 PM Yeah, I do wish there would be a way to slow that down since I think it broke this tale a bit due to the speed things were opened. I would prefer a slower open process since I think it would help reduce burnout.

blondie - Yesterday at 9:45 PM we have to have that competition? really ? slower?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:46 PM Zotep does that and I've helped him by mining ores he needed to make stuff for research a time or two ach blondie I see what you mean.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:46 PM A couple of things broke the beginning of this telling... 1) Beer Tokens for levels... allowed a lot of the minor gatekeeping there was to be totally bypassed since the tests were supossed to be the level gatekeepers...

blondie - Yesterday at 9:46 PM another thing that happens is you have people trying to open techs in their regions and not everyone lives in same region, obviously

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:46 PM Maybe, add a cap of 1 item per day per person

blondie - Yesterday at 9:46 PM that doesn't create more work, eh?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:47 PM 2) releasing all the techs for research from Day 1 allowed the macroers to advance the game much faster than I thought possible.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:47 PM you have determined players lol

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:47 PM Could you put a cooldown timer between techs being researched?

amran - Yesterday at 9:48 PM keep techs as is if people don't want to work for the tech they can go to next region to pick it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:48 PM I'm still not clear on the problems "early" tech causes. There was a huge delay in unlocking Festivals caused by flower breeding -- and that was insanely fast?

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:48 PM Speaking just for me I'd have preferred a slower release of techs and test since due to having so much stuff opened at once got me a bit burned out trying to do things. Yes, I don't have to do all the things, and I wasn't, but there were the things I wanted to do all being opened at once that it made it hard to focus on them.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:48 PM "The scientists at the uni are feeling lazy today and cant be bothered to do any work"... yada yada Ouijdani - Yesterday at 9:48 PM Yeah, that was frustrating. I have limited time in the summer (T7 opened in August) and I spent all my limited time traveling to EG for new tech. Never had time to actually play.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:48 PM 3) Billing supidity from my payment processor.... (Took my attention away long enough for automation to be opened 6 weeks after the tale started)

amran - Yesterday at 9:49 PM ifyou don't want to spend all that time traveling to eg then open the tech in your region there are many people at tale start woking on techs in most regions?

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:50 PM Plus I'm a lot older than when I started in T1 so staying up to 2AM and then getting up for work at 6AM is a lot harder now. :smiley: Ouijdani - Yesterday at 9:50 PM I am in Hinterlands, Amran

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:50 PM LOL, You and I both Rahu...

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:50 PM some of the skills being released faster was nice but in a way it should have ran slower for higher stuff. I like using the better stuff though. Mypal - Yesterday at 9:50 PM yup we are all a lot older then 1st or 2nd tellng.... way less time now lol

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:50 PM Be happy you werent around for the Teppy 72 hour playtests pre-T1...

amran - Yesterday at 9:50 PM hinterlands is a choice?

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 9:51 PM i was around for those!

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:51 PM I stayed up though those a few times...

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:51 PM ah so was I

blondie - Yesterday at 9:51 PM mwaaahaaa, i was up for snow storms til 8am for the first 2 nites this year Mypal - Yesterday at 9:51 PM a few more years and I could teach my 3yr old how to grow flax... might make it a bit easier realkit92 - Yesterday at 9:51 PM lmao pal

blondie - Yesterday at 9:51 PM flax looked sooo hard when i started t1 in sept 2003

Fixxxer - Yesterday at 9:51 PM @Mypal has the solution. mules? just have some kids and turn them into mules

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:51 PM LOL, T1 mine slaves.... Graduate high school (year 12 school) this year

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:52 PM well just think, if we have a world wide apogalypes we will be able to rebuild using what we are learning in atitd hehe

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:52 PM Yeah, but the upkeep on those mules is killer. Mypal - Yesterday at 9:52 PM VeggieTales macros back in the day.. only thing that got me through mass flax proccessing

blondie - Yesterday at 9:52 PM i know people's kids who used to gather slate, back in t1

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:52 PM and those do not work for me any more.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:52 PM VeggieTales == Automato

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:52 PM it still doesn't work for me. I've tried several times

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:53 PM Automato doesnt?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:53 PM finally gave up and did it all manually nope

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:53 PM The UI scaling breaks it, so the requirements are very specific

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:53 PM tried for flax, for veggies and nothing. it just sits there or goes to an error

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:53 PM You might have to tweak the code. I use Automato to get barley offlined (since it hates me so) and I had to tweak the code to make it work for this tale.

Yendor - Yesterday at 9:53 PM There is no Mac version of Automato, so no macros for me other than an idiot auto-clicker for paint-making

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:53 PM I have no idea how to do that

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:54 PM I play ATITD on a 39" 4K TV, so when I run the game at 1080p, it is 1/4 of my screen, all text in normal mode is unreadable.... Zatarg really did it all so that I can play I play with HUGE Text :smiley:

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:55 PM atitd is more demanding stretched out over a couple of 1080 monitors than it is on a single 4k one Soak - Yesterday at 9:55 PM Would be nice if we could somehow take macroing out of the game , n somehow get back to people playing

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:55 PM You have to delete technology to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:55 PM a lot of people would quit / get banned if macroing was not allowed Khnumbaf - Yesterday at 9:55 PM bye guys, need to go yo bed (4am here)

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:56 PM yeah night Khnumbaf.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:56 PM Night Khnumbaf

amran - Yesterday at 9:56 PM i work 7 days a week most of the year not macroing is not an option but i macro minimally

Rahu - Yesterday at 9:56 PM Plus not sure how you could do it since at the most basic level it's just imitating the same mouse moves and clicks. Soak - Yesterday at 9:56 PM The fact like 3-5 people can research a whole region by macroing doesn't feel tight Right

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:57 PM some people abuse macros though, which is not allowed realkit92 - Yesterday at 9:57 PM agreed

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:57 PM Soak, EXACTLY, and making it so expensive for the macroers drives up costs beyond what non-macroers can do realistically... so there is no winning there.

amran - Yesterday at 9:58 PM those 3-5 people have to be logged on and at pc to macro that much otherwise they take chance of ban or jail time if that is still an option?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:58 PM when they did work for me I only used them while I was in front of the computer.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:58 PM well they dont have to be at the pc they are supposed to be... but thats not the same

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:58 PM very true

amran - Yesterday at 9:58 PM then we need more volunteer gm's to monitor that?

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:59 PM even if you were @ your pc while you macro, you can still be banned(If your macro is doing the job quicker than a person can)

amran - Yesterday at 9:59 PM if they afk macro they get jail time that's how it used to work

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:59 PM mostly I used a macro to grow cabbages, onions and flax. not much else

Rhaom - Yesterday at 9:59 PM (If your macro is doing the job quicker than a person can) <--- this is a completely unmeasurable statistic

amran - Yesterday at 9:59 PM i never macroed when i was not at cp

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 9:59 PM and the only reason was to keep my animals and beetles fed

amran - Yesterday at 9:59 PM pc even

Pluribus - Yesterday at 9:59 PM and if we catch you afk macroing it does happen

amran - Yesterday at 9:59 PM good deal plur it needs to happen

Lazybum - Yesterday at 9:59 PM ok, can you run 25 charcoal ovens? realkit92 - Yesterday at 10:00 PM i can run 4 :smile:

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:00 PM I've run 20 before manually...

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:00 PM I know I can with a macro

amran - Yesterday at 10:00 PM i can run 4 to 5 ovens with no macro that's all i need

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:00 PM Balth runs 20+ glass benchs manually most tales

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:00 PM as it should. though I have to admit I am a part time caregiver to an elderly lady. if she needs me I run.

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:00 PM u cant state that a macro is doing it faster than any player can with any confidence

Yendor - Yesterday at 10:00 PM There's a crematory macro out there that is far more perfect than (all? most?) players

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:00 PM there are measurable things from person making to macroing

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:01 PM yes ok on specific buildings

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:01 PM Rhoam, some things, I have caught people.... The clay macros are the worst offender...

amran - Yesterday at 10:01 PM ive seen people with my own eyes macro wood all night long while they slept

blondie - Yesterday at 10:01 PM i couldn't do stuff with thisltes or crematory if it wasn't for t he macros

Yendor - Yesterday at 10:01 PM Amran: Did you report them to a GM?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:01 PM but in a way phaom is correct. think about it. if you are growing onions. you have to do things at a specific pace. so the macro has to do the same. it can't go faster

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:01 PM and honestly... ANY macro can outdo a person over the long haul... Name one player that can run 10+ charcoal ovens for 24 hours straight and never miss a click

blondie - Yesterday at 10:01 PM clay macros bad? even if you're not afk? i don't get it Mypal - Yesterday at 10:01 PM So with all the things that have been discussed is there a way to impliment this, bring the game into a new telling and make it profitable for Pluribus to keep up, develop, and run ? :smiley:

blondie - Yesterday at 10:02 PM i'd lose more feeling on my fingers if i didn't have stuff like clay macros

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:02 PM then there are chemistry macro's

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:02 PM for those I use an auto clicker lol

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:02 PM has that actually been done Pluri?

blondie - Yesterday at 10:02 PM and i'm no way one of those fast people either, by hand Ouijdani - Yesterday at 10:03 PM @blondie I think he means unattended clay macros

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:03 PM blondie: I watched a player run between 3 coords with high dex food for an hour and never missed a click. Name one player who can do that without a macro and I will conceed that the macro isnt better than a player

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:03 PM you were watching me pluri?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:04 PM It doesnt matter the automato clay macro does the same.

blondie - Yesterday at 10:04 PM ok, i see but do the people who follow rules have to pay for those who don't

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:04 PM nah, it couldnt have been me, I run between 4 coords

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:04 PM that is ;the way of the world blondie

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:04 PM Its fair to say that as the time period of a specific activity increases that its more likely the individual is using a macro and that on specific buildings like the crematory you could see it sure, but in situations where you are talking about growing flax or running a glazier bench those things are impossible to tell if its human or a macro... Unless the person is stupid in their approach

blondie - Yesterday at 10:05 PM and i've never, i don't remember using dex food, i may have done slower, actually, for my laptop to catch up. I wasn't aware i may be doing something bad. But for sure, i don't leave macros unattended

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:05 PM I have watched people macro even the simpliest of tasks... like gathering clay or grass...

Yendor - Yesterday at 10:05 PM Um, those are also the most boring tasks Ouijdani - Yesterday at 10:05 PM and the most painful

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:05 PM now I do like it for grass. its boooorrrrriiiing

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:05 PM I would definately macro picking grass

amran - Yesterday at 10:05 PM thinks blondie has snow storm hunting macro

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:05 PM I do that. But I'm there at the keyboard running myself around to do it. I just automate the clicking so save my clicker finger.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:06 PM lol@amran

amran - Yesterday at 10:06 PM


Osh - Yesterday at 10:06 PM nite everyone Pluribus thank you for letting us know whats going on :smiley:

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:06 PM And you can tell it's me since I'm wandering around like a drunken puppy.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:06 PM i know there was an exploit (now fixed) with oyster beds where when you do your last dive, the quicker you could click the more pearls it gave you. I was able to get about 900 pearls from one dive

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:06 PM FYI, clay gathering WILL gain an animation the next time the server restarts.... Just because that is the only basic collection task with no animation which makes it VERY ripe for abuse by macros

blondie - Yesterday at 10:06 PM nite osh

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:07 PM nite osh realkit92 - Yesterday at 10:07 PM will the animation be similar to slate?

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:07 PM realkit, yes same animation

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:07 PM will you harvest more clay?

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:07 PM that would be nice

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:07 PM id say 4x clay per click with animation would make it even

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:07 PM sort of like slate at some points you gather more then one or something Talumar - Yesterday at 10:08 PM Bigger Jugs for more Clay per gather?

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:08 PM Putting an animation in to reduce how easy it is to macro, then increasing how much u gain... seems fairly counter productive Peacefulness - Yesterday at 10:08 PM grin....yeah, he'd agree to 4x clay per click with 10x clay needed for each task....

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:09 PM heh

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:10 PM well right now we get 2x so 4 wouldn't be too far off, would be a bit slower than what it is now because of the animation, and I am talking about actual playing, not with macro

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:12 PM True, but there's no difference between actually playing and a macro'r so it wouldn't discourage the marco'r.

Yendor - Yesterday at 10:12 PM If gathering clay becomes too painful, people will be more likely to macro it, not less

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:13 PM agreed

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:13 PM It not having the animation is more the oddity/bug than not. Since all the other gathering actions have one it likely should have had one a long time ago.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:14 PM the main reason for using anything to get grass is you have to click over and over to get 1 per click. not the best way.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:14 PM and if too easy, it STILL gets macroed, so just throw in the towel and make everything require 1 clay then macros arent needed, but the game will get really boring...

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:14 PM well making things to discourage macroing works for other things, /me looks at mining

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:14 PM agreed Plur Maata - Yesterday at 10:14 PM I did flax by hand before it was changed. I could do 40 or 50 if I wanted to be stressed. This tale I used a macro with the change because it was a pain

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:14 PM not mining. its almost impossible to do that.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:14 PM You DO realize there is a mining macro right LazyBum?

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:15 PM Now maybe if something like the basket/scythe you get for grass collecting could be implemented for clay that might help, but really macro'rs are going to macro.

amran - Yesterday at 10:15 PM when it gets too painful people will macro or stop playing so we have to find the middle ground there or we have even less playerbase

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:15 PM There are multiple mining macros but its generally faster to do it manually

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:15 PM I know. just pulling a leg there.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:15 PM yes, i realize there is a mining macro, and that the changes with the server causing a delay make the macro not worth it

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:15 PM and I agree. I dont' mind the mining

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:15 PM Yeah, it got faster to do by hand when I made the check purely server side...

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:16 PM nice

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:16 PM a lot of the slowdowns are because I had to do more serverside to prevent macro exploits

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:16 PM I do, however have another mining macro that works great though

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:16 PM I really like the mining now. Much better than the crystal deal since that was ideal for macros as they can tell colors/saturations/hue a lot better than a human can.

Yendor - Yesterday at 10:17 PM Mining is fun, not tedious. So people play it instead of macroing

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:18 PM Oh, Oh, so make collecting each grass a minigame... No one would dislike that right :smiley: (Yes that was sarcasm if it got missed)

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:18 PM most the macro's I use are more oriented at QoL and notes

Rhaom - Yesterday at 10:18 PM haha Peacefulness - Yesterday at 10:18 PM I like it when tasks have a puzzle of some sort......if I could play a minigame and have 100 grass at the end, that would work for me

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:18 PM not sure. I'd have to see it to get the idea. (Not missed hehe)

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:19 PM like when I am on, I cannot be bothered to check for messages to post in spam so I have a macro that will post everything

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:19 PM About my only complaint with the mining, and it might be moot now since it's been so long, was that the game would lag and kill my selecting rhythm when doing sand mining.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:20 PM nodes

Yendor - Yesterday at 10:20 PM Well, this goes against the absent Pluribus idea, but a greenhouse minigame to collect grass, with the possibility of gathering grass faster than now, would be a good idea. Of course once we have greenhouses people aren't macroing grass anymore

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:20 PM Any network lag will kill a ryhthm with mining because of the server side checks

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:20 PM then I have a cooking macro that will grab what is needed from my wh's in the right quantity and stat check after I am done btw, the serverside check on kitchens for the past couple weeks has been hard on me

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:21 PM Yendor, Actually that isnt true.... I saw someone a few months ago macroing grass, because he could collect faster that way

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:22 PM And the only reason I use the fishing macro is because it logs things for me

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:22 PM My fishing macro clicks the fish button for me. I'm just that lazy. It's like I'm actually fishing.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:22 PM you can use an auto clicker the same way. its not actually a macro and yet it is

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:23 PM That's basically what it is. It's just something I wrote in AHK just like all my little simple macros that I might run.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:24 PM ive wrote a few macros just to log stuff for me, that way I can duplicate what I did Ouijdani - Yesterday at 10:25 PM I did not use any macros in t2 and it killed my wrist, so I use clickers now. Mostly ACTool things I write on the spot.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:25 PM 28 bonfires to make endless cc :smile:

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:26 PM one of these days, I will fix the emonkey program... (It was the ultimate Tale macro program pre-T1)... It actually ran the same script engine as the client and was basicly a scriptable game client for debugging)

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:26 PM that sounds fun

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:26 PM I hope you hide it in a dark deep hole since that would be a macro'rs dream system.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:27 PM I never ported it from the old Visual Studio 6 code, so it is very broken with modern compilers.... Heck, I am still working on hunting all the 64-bit broken things, the static analysis REALLY hates the code.... (The client and server, I wont EVEN try it on the emonkey code)

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:29 PM still wants to run atitd on his raspberry pi realkit92 - Yesterday at 10:29 PM oooohhh that would be nice lb

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:29 PM Lazybum, that is the new engine required type changes.... Unless someone got the RPI to do OpenGL 1.3

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:29 PM Based on your other descriptions of the code it seems like everything hates the code. It even hates itself.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:29 PM I am getting a new tablet soon. oh to run atitd on that ...

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:30 PM there is an opengl driver for it

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:30 PM there is?

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:30 PM yes

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:30 PM Last that I heard it wanted GLES3

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:30 PM mmmmm

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:30 PM and had NO fixed pipeline support (which the client requires)

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:31 PM ah

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:31 PM YEah, most of the graphics effects use pure fixed pipeline or shader assembly (all the pre-OpenGL2 fun stuff) That is what caused the OpenGL guys that I tried to hire to fix the Intel issue to run screaming

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:32 PM yikes

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:33 PM I remember running tale on a 1st gen Asus EEE PC that I'd loaded with Windows. It had a wee bit of performance issues. Even worse I tried to attend a fireworks show on it that turned the game into a very slow slideshow.

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:34 PM I have played ATITD on a $200 HP Stream 11 (They call it a laptop, but I think that is being overly generous)

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:35 PM at one time I played only on my laptop. it was an HP but I dont' recall the name

Pluribus - Yesterday at 10:35 PM It works, but it is slow, but I could hit all the CS without crashing so I consider it a success I am going MIA for a bit... Feel free to chat here or in #general

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:38 PM ive played on that picked it up, NEW, for 20 bucks

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:39 PM wow

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:40 PM so, im sure i could get atitd running on a pi

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:40 PM you will have to let us know if you are suggestful lol

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:41 PM I can tiptoe my way around the video drivers and make them work

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:41 PM That's like twice as powerful as the EEEPC. Of course thinking back to the early PCs used to run the early tales that's pretty powerful in comparison.

Lazybum - Yesterday at 10:43 PM and also there is more headroom with the eeepc because of the os i was running windows 10 on that

Rahu - Yesterday at 10:46 PM XP was pretty pokey on it. Workable but not pleasant. But ended up only using it for a bit before getting rid of it and buying a real laptop for portable gaming.

MorgasseMonroe - Yesterday at 10:47 PM well I'm out for now. talk to you guys later.

Eugenius - Yesterday at 10:47 PM Later MM Ok I am back And caught up on the chat But I need to log for a bit. Good night everyone

tehm - Today at 1:02 AM back to the slowing of tech issue... what if you made it so all Unis were working simulataneously on available techs (all techs are Egyptwide when available). You must complete a tech in 3 regions for it to actually unlock (go on timer) though. That way even if a group set up in 7L and was always done with Tech, they'd either have to spend the time running to another 2 regions to deliver the goods at least, or perhaps have 2nd and 3rd bases there to rebuild. Or they have to wait for 2 other groups of players to help them out. Meanwhile all the other players save themselves time on Tech runs (or don't have to live in 7L) but do have to coordinate in their own regions if they want to help. And their help is more important than ever. Thirdly, Chariot Repair/Routes would throttle early Tale progression by a single guild