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How to manually install macros


Download Automato_Logo Reads contents of multiple warehouses and makes a list of all raeli tiles.


Download Automato_Logo Travels to desired destination using shortest path when it is free.


Download Walks and gathers grass.


Download Drops every type of stone in your inventory and smashes them in place.


Download Goes through every chat tab in a second.


Download Automato_Logo Makes it easier to moderate boards with buttons and shortcuts.


Download Automato_Logo Finds the desired dredge rate by continuously restarting dredge process.


Download Automato_Logo Moves sculpture pieces with keystrokes. Executes pre-made recipes.

Off Topic

Demipharaoh Debate 2016/09

Q1. For those who have never had the opportunity to interact with you before can you share a little about yourself, what you enjoy about ATITD as well as how long you have been playing?

I discovered ATITD at a very young age when i didn't know a single word of english. This was in T3. My fascination with the game and the community resulted in me sleeping with a huge dictionary for months. I'm 23 today and still in love with ATITD for so many reasons. I mostly played in T6 and been here since the beginning of T7. I really enjoy the problemsolving that comes with complex mechanics of this game and i find travelling in the desert very calming.

Q2. How you like T7 so far, it's better or worst than previous Tales. Which Tale was your favorite?

No complaints about T7. Can't say it is better or worse than previous tales but game is finally getting some love from devs im happy about that. My favorite tale is definetly T3 because of nostalgia.

Q3. If the general consensus of the rest of the DPs were that that person should not be banned, but you felt strongly that they should, what would you do?

Personally i don't think anyone but pharaoh should have that kind of power. Sadly this test is and always have been a popularity contest. People usually vote for their friends or the most popular candidate. Therefore there is always the possibility of a DP not being objective when a friend is involved.

Q4. How's your progress in other Leadership tests?

I tend to avoid discipline of leadership for the reasons i stated in previous question but i will try to be the change i want to see in egypt if egypt finds me worthy of this task.

Q5. How are you providing leadership in the game and amongst the player base?

I've been an elder in Zfree and Zemples for a long time. These are sizeable guilds focused on helping players. Zemples for example helped more than 30 people pass funerary this tale and that number is still counting. I've been organising this process since T6.

Q6. What specifically have you done to further the growth of the community?

I set up an easier to use voice chat server for ATITD on Discord because including me some players find teamspeak and mumble too much of a hassle. It is free and available 24/7. Linked at the top of this page.

One thing i started doing very recently is creating content for the game. ATITD is really in need of content creators. We never advertise the game. Playerbase is slowly dying and new players are a rarity. My goal is to help people see beyond the dated graphics of the game and realise what a gem Atitd is. You can see the first video in this project called Beauty of Atitd here.

I'm also working on for sculpture lovers.

Q7. How do you feel about sometimes heavy use of macros in this game by many players? and If there was a choice would you support complete ban of macros in the Tale?

Macros can never be banned successfully. There is always a way around any precaution.

Q8. Spouselog allows access to ban powers. Do you know who have access to your spouse account?

No one.

Q9. As DP do you think you should share your password? Do you think a DP should have access to other DP accounts?

DPs should take responsibility for their actions. Sharing passwords between each other can complicate things.

Q10. What other powers would you like to see DPs hold, in the interests of improving game play?

It would be nice to influence the game/world instead of only playing police. I would love to see DPs as loremakers or worldbuilders with some limitations.

Q11. What question would you like to be asked, and why?

Do you want a back massage and hot chocolate?

Yes. I do.

Q12. Closing statement.

I promise a small loan of 1 million charcoal to every citizen who votes for me. Make ATITD great again.