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Trade in Egypt is on a one-to-one basis, that is you need to make an agreement with someone else to 'trade'.


Our ancestors were able to research Basic Trade to allow the construction of trading posts, however this still necessitated in both parties being there, which made it almost redundant.

Specific Items


The following traders and guilds have established a desire to sell some goods:



Broker Region Sells Buys
Bennu Trading SE Lube Oil, Potash Ointment, Acid, Alloys Queen Ant, relics/crystals, basic materials, cuttables, see trading page
Tekhi Marble Emporium (/chat Eranu) SE Granite and marble Your labour, basic materials, cuttables, see page
Sunstrider Desert of Shades 9k+ Hatchets and Shovels as soon as Adv. Blacksmithing opens mostly mushrooms but see user page
MarkAnthony's Glass & Tool Emporium 719, 4995 Midland Valley (just north of MV chariot, across the river) Springs, Sharp Edged Blades, Hatchets, Shovels, Resin Wedges, Carp Blades, Wine Glasses, Barometers, Chemîstry glass sets, Hookahs, Therms Various Items, price list on page
Styx River Plains 1223,3472 9k+ Hatchets, 8.5k+ Sharp Blades, 9k+ Shovels and Archaeologist Shovels, 8.5k+ Springs, 7k+ Carpentry Blades, 9k+ Resin Wedges, 7.5k+ Distillation Coils, 7k+ Barometers, Wineglasses and complete wineglass sets up to 9200+ quality, Chemistry Lab calibration kits (Level 2 and 3). Potash, lime, gravel, wood, or other things if you prefer - please chat me
RP Ironworks (/chat Eldar) 1710, 2880 River Plains All metals, alloys and metal products Just about anything, see guild page for details
FoA Eastern Grounds (by CS) CC, Glass, Metals, Stones, Baux/Gyp, Barley, Thermometer Papy, Gravel, Veggies, others
Greed & Glory 1537, 1988 River Plains Silk, Metal 1:8 Ore rates., Thermometers, Glass bench products, Lube Oil Metal Ore, Gems, Alloys, mushrooms, herbs