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My macros for automato these are mostly passives. That means it will click the icon when it shows but you can talk and do other things while its running.

  • Working Grass Macro, This is a passive macro

  • Clay Macro, You need to fill jugs this is a passive macro.


Ideal Relics for Feyth: (Must get at least 7)

  • Meditation Box (Green, Midsized, Indestructable, Lightweight, Antique, Sacred)
  • Celestial Magnifier (Green, Small, Indestructable, Featherweight, Antique, Sacred)
  • Strange Sundial (Violet, Giant, Delicate, Featherweight, Timeless, Decorative)
  • Wrist Exerciser (Yellow, Midsized, Sturdy, Welterweight, Old, Valueable)
  • Dirt Pick (Blue, Midsized, Indestructable, Welterweight, Ancient, Valueable)
  • Attention Grabber (Yellow, Tiny, Sturdy, Lightweight, Old, Sacred)
  • Fortune Teller (Yellow, Small, Delicate, Welterweight, Old, Sacred)
  • Ribbon of Harmony (White, Tiny, Indestructable, Heavy, Timeless, Decorative)
  • Holy Book (Black, Tiny, Sturdy, Featherweight, Old, Sacred)
  • Land Anchor (White, Midsized, Sturdy, Featherweight, Old, Royal)
  • Amusement Papers (Blue, Giant, Sturdy, Heavy, Ancient, Functional)
  • Aether Flag (White, Giant, Delicate, Welterweight, Antique, Royal)
  • Security Prop (Brown, Small, Indestructable, Lightweight, Timeless, Sacred)
  • Spreader of Delight (Violet, Large, Sturdy, Featherweight, Timeless, Sacred)
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