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Egypt has reached the pinnacle of this civilization. It is time to build monuments to its greatness and leave challenges to the next generation. Monument Construction sites can now be built by Oracles of each discipline.

Monuments by Discipline

  • Architecture - Pyramid of Many Wonders in LoR 3700 7340 - All slots filled. Awaiting confirmation.
  • Art and Music- RP 1270, 2750 (All mats are collected)
  • Body - OE 1381, 5658
  • Harmony - 7L, 1380 -970 - Awaiting confirmation (go back and confirm if you haven't!)
  • Leadership - OE, 1391, 5629 (All mats collected) Awaiting confirmation
  • Thought - 4C 118, 4365
  • Worship - RP, 1340, 2940 (All mats collected) Awaiting confirmation


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