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Feature Request/petitions

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This is a list of all Feature Request petitions.

Please place new petitions under it's own heading.


Pharaoh's Favored

Petition by tehm (1 petitioners)

Pharaoh recognizes outstanding citizens for their achievements, however this recognition can fade over time and our heroes become lost to history. To ensure the continued honoring of these individuals, the Chariot Ministry shall be tasked with sharing this knowledge across the land. Henceforth all Chariot Stops, functional or otherwise, shall post a record listing the currently acknowledged citizens and their achievement level. This would report any existing or future acknowledgments. For example:

 Egypt honors:
SuperAcroGal- Pharaoh’s Acrobat (101)
MisterFisher- Pharaoh’s Angler (104)

Note: This would merely save what is reported in System Log, not constantly update as the individual continues to excel while still holding the title.
An option to review the Pharoah’s Favored would be added to the existing options available at the Chariot Stop and in no way interfere with Chariot operation.

Improving Acrobatics in Seven Lakes

Petition by Snoerr (1 petitioner)

The Citizens of Seven Lakes, in order to hold more organized acrobatics exercises, request that Pharaoh send a team of civil engineers to build an acrobatics field in the vicinity of the Seven Lakes University of Body.

Removing Sexist Attribute Timers

Petition by dresdor (1 petitioners)

Currently there are a few in-game mechanics that differentiate based on gender. These fall into the traditional gender role of women being good at weaving and men being good at physical labor. The two I know of off the top of my head are weaving on a loom (60s for females, 80s for males) and raking flax for lint (50s for males, 60s for females). There's no mechanical reason for these differences to exist, and they should be removed.

Name Light-up

Names when they are supplemented with punctuation, please can we have these names also light up. [Implemented]
Can we also have names light up when they appear on the System channel.

Ambrosia Pop-up

When you make ambrosia, we currently get the popup "The ambrosia will be ready in 10 minutes. Come get it then". This request is to have the message sent to the main instead of a popup.
A secondary request is to have the message sent to main of: "Ambrosia of (Simple Item) and (Complex Item) named (Name of Ambrosia) will be read in 10 minutes. Come get it then."
In addition to reducing the annoying popups when you are making large numbers of ambrosia, it will also provide you with a timestamp to know when it is done.

Research Donations

All Universities across the land are grateful for any donations towards research performed, but are often miffed at donator's apparant reluctance to tell others of their good deed. They therefore require all donators to tell everyone in the region of their donation. [OOC: When a donation is made to University research, the regional chat will display "(PlayerName) has donated (Qty) of (Resource) to the research of (TechName) at the (UniversityName)."

Sequential Labeling

When making Essences and Ambrosia, can we change the default names given (blank and Name Ambrosia) to the player's name followed by a sequential number, as is currently done when making wines.

Most Used and Lesser Knives First

When you are carving, it always uses the Least Used, and Highest quality knife you are carrying. This means that your knives all break at the same time, rather than one by one. Please change it so that it uses the lowest possible knife first (so that if a Flint Knife will work for the carving, that is used before the Sharp Edged Knife), and then selects the most used knife - so a Iron Blade used once and an Iron Blade used ten times, the one that's used 10 times will be used next.
A secondary request is the ability to see how much the knife has been used. So viewing the Iron Blade will say that it has been used 4/100 times.