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Hekatef VI! Why have there been so many Hekatefs throughout history? Did we really need that many? Just what are they trying to prove?


  • Now in the paint business! Check my Paint page for a list of colors.


Item HekaBux (tm)
10 paint, any color 100


You can pay for your order with any items listed in the table below.

Item HekaBux (tm)
Cut Stones 20
Cuttable Stones 20
Medium Stones 30
Concrete 10
5 Cement 100
Mushrooms, Dead Tongue 20
Mushrooms, Earth Light 50
Mushrooms, Toad Skin 20
Marble, Oyster Shell 100
Marble, Mud Granite 100
Canvas 30
Leather 25
Onions 2
Lime 20
Ash 50
Potash 50
Papyrus 5
Silver Powder 10
Gold 50
Silver 30
Boards 2
Saltpeter 10

Special items I'm also buying:

  • The delicious taste of a Masterpiece meal

Where to Find Me

Currently settled in northern River Plains (actually much closer to Midland Valley).

Things to Know

Elder of Strange Brewers, the beer guild.