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What is this here for

At the start of the tale it quickly became obvious that much of the map data on the wiki was being duplicated on a range of different pages, with different points being shown on each map. This area of the wiki was put together using templates to allow the data to be held on just one page - while being visible from each relevant page.

As a result, when adding a new point of interest (such as a public mine) only one page now needs to be edited (instead of three or more) and each map using that data will update automatically.

This system allows you to customize what data you want to see on your map. You want chariot stops and public works? You can do that. You want all public mines? Yep, that, too. You want all red and white sand deposits near your home compound, but not all those public mines dots? You can also do that. When adding the map to your page, just choose which map data files to include, and put in custom pins for personal locations.

If you do NOT want to use the conde map templates, please refer to WikiMaps for a guide how to insert a "normal" map that does not follow these template conventions

Egypt Map Note

Now there is also a new map application available that covers many of the most common resources in Egypt in one place and have custom landmarks for the rest. It's available at The application has several tools that helps detecting patterns to the markers added. You can animate mushrooms over time for example to detect their migration.

Each user can also create and join private groups to share information among a select group of people.

The current version is from T5A in order to update to T6 the following is needed:

  • a high resolution map of Egypt for T6,
  • the name and borders for each region,
  • the location of all chariot stops,
  • expedition sites,
  • schools and universeties.

I'd appreciate any help I can get obtaining these things, thanks.

- Khelben

I want to use one or more of these maps on another page

To add a map to a page you will need to use Template:CondMap. To do so it is suggested you copy the following text to the page you wish to edit. Any map data that you wish to link should be placed on a new line as with the public mines (alcyone) and red sand shown below.

The five parameters at the end are optional. You can remove them for a default-sized and -shaped map of Egypt, or change them to zoom in on a particular spot.

{{:Maps/Public Mines/Amunet/Alcyone|contentonly=yes}}
{{:Maps/Red Sand|contentonly=yes}}

Zoom examples for different regions

Replace the last line of the above CondMap example with:

Region Condmap code to zoom to the region
Cat's Claw Ridge |lat=-500|lon=6490|zoom=4|width=260|height=850}}
Cat's Claw Ridge |lat=-250|lon=6790|zoom=4|width=260|height=850}}
Cradle of the Sun |lat=3845|lon=340|zoom=4|width=590|height=555}}
Desert of Nomads |lat=1853|lon=6400|zoom=4|width=180|height=600}}
Desert of Shades |lat=-1415|lon=1715|zoom=4|width=810|height=1155}}
Eastern Grounds |lat=4202|lon=6080|zoom=4|width=350|height=1040}}
Four Corners |lat=-400|lon=4400|zoom=5|width=600|height=390}}
Lake of Reeds |lat=4290|lon=7095zoom=4|width=420|height=550}}
Midland Valley |lat=1275|lon=5050|zoom=5|width=490|height=475}}
Old Egypt |lat=873|lon=6550|zoom=4|width=338|height=670}}
River Plains |lat=1035|lon=3000|zoom=4|width=440|height=815}}
Seven Lakes |lat=1150|lon=-2100|zoom=4|width=790|height=1000}}
Sinai |lat=3185|lon=4850|zoom=4|width=520|height=580}}
South Egypt |lat=1308|lon=-6145|zoom=3|width=560|height=510}}
Valley of Kings |lat=-2030|lon=6190|zoom=4|width=520|height=1000}}

I want to add a new datapoint, Help Me!

To add a new datapoint, decide which page it should be added to from the list at the bottom of this page. Generally resources will be on a common page for that server, and facilities (smelting, mines, etc) will be on a regional page. Then follow the link to that page, edit it and add a new line using the standard googlemap format:

(MtPb) -1570, 5300, Lead/Sapphire Mine

If you want the coordinates to show up in the pin's tooltip, do the following:

(MtPb) -1570, 5300, Lead/Sapphire Mine (at -1570, 5300)

I want to start a new data page

If there aren't very many data points, make a single Egypt-wide file at Maps/ResourceName. If the resource you're mapping has many points, it is better to break them down by region. In that case, create new files at Maps/ResourceName/Alcyone, Maps/ResourceName/Celaeno, and so on.

The new pages should use this template:

<!-- datapoints go here -->


Then add datapoints as in the above section. Finally, add the new pages to the list of map data pages.

You can find information on what icons are available and how to use them in the WikiMaps#Markers section.

If the maps include many different types of markers (like the Public Mines pages do), consider creating a legend that can be used on any page that uses the maps. (Name the page Maps/ResourceName/Legend, and use the existing legends as an example.)

If you have created regional data maps, and would like to have an automatically generated egypt-wide map, use the example of Maps/Expedition Sites, and create your page at Maps/ResourceName.

What types of thing should be placed in this type of map

Generally, only items which need to be shown on multiple pages will require a map in this area. Public facilities and resources are the main examples.

There is no requirement to place things that only need to be visible from one page (such as guild locations) here.

Who inflicted this monstrosity on egypt!

That would be Kasiya. If you are having trouble adding data please feel free to chat me and let me know.

While Talibeh didn't create this template, she now has lots of experience using it and creating new map pages. Ask questions or make comments on her talk page.

Current map data


Map of University and School Location

Automatically Generated

(For convenience, can be included in other CondMaps instead of every regional file. Data points should be edited in the region-specific pages.)


Public Works

Public Mines

Public Smelters

Expedition Sites

Test of Life - Aqueducts

Map Pin Legends

If you edit the marker icons, make sure you edit the markers in every relevant map data file above.

You can include a legend on your page by using the following, substituting the path and name of your legend page.

{{:Maps/Public Mines/Legend}}