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Maps/Public Mines/Hinterlands

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This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages


| markerMtAl.png Aluminum | markerMtSb.png Antimony | markerMtCu.png Copper | markerMtAu.png Gold | markerMtFe.png Iron | markerdiamond.png Gem (sand) mine

| markerMtPb.png Lead | markerMtLi.png Lithium | markerMtMg.png Magnesium | markerMtPt.png Platinum | markerMtAg.png Silver

| markerMtSr.png Strontium | markerMtSn.png Tin | markerMtTi.png Titanium | markerMtW.png Tungsten | markerMtZn.png Zinc