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Sulphurous Water

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Sulphurous Water Dialog

Sulphurous water is found in pools scattered around Egypt. It can be gathered in jugs just like normal water. Usually it is dried or boiled to yield sulfur. With level 3 of Desiccation skill, it can also be boiled with salt to manufacture acid.


Make sure you have Empty Jugs available to gather water. Then find a Sulphurous Water pool and use the normal Gather Water icon. You will get a different dialog option that confirms you are getting Sulphurous Water and not regular (see picture).

Some pools are sulphurous in some spots but regular water in others. If you're having trouble gathering, make sure you're standing at the exact coordinates listed on the map below.

Attempting to fish in sulphurous water will give the message "The water is dead, and smells like rotten eggs."



  • (YeS)675, 2013, Sulphurous Water (675, 2013)
  • (YeS)1798, 7530, Sulphurous Water gather point is on coast, NOT POND(1798, 7530)
  • (YeS)2486, -402, Sulphurous Water, 7 Lakes (2486, -402)
  • (YeS)2555, -352, Sulphurous Water, 7 Lakes (2555, -352)
  • (YeS)3020, 5193, Sulphurous Water, Sinai (3020, 5193)
  • (YeS)5073, -117, Sulphurous Water, Hinterlands (5073, -117)
  • (YeS)5085, 3896, Sulphurous Water, Hinterlands (5085, 3896)
  • (YeS)-1287, -2832, Sulphurous Water, Hinterlands (-1287, -2832)
  • (YeS)-2939, 4913, Sulphurous Water, Valley of the Kings (-2939, 4913)
  • (YeS)-1525, 2230, Sulphurous Water, Desert of Shades(-1525, 2230)
  • (YeS)-2836, 4072, Sulphurous Water, Desert of Shades(-2836, 4072)
  • (YeS)2812, -5437, Sulphurous Water, South Egypt (2812, -5437) (Use Eastern Grounds CS, head West down the road, it's very close)
  • (YeS)-1476, 5726, Sulphurous Water, Valley of the Kings (-1476, 5726)

Map of Locations

  • (not confirmed)-1749, 6331, Not Sulphurous Water for Tattoo Helper or collecting water. However, if you try to fish it you get a rotten eggs message. Only one section of the pond has this condition.


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Required By

Acid, Sulfur