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Bulk 1
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Acid is made in a Kettle from mixing 25 Sulphurous Water and 1 Salt. Each kettle returns 3 Acid. A method of Stoking is required, so that means that it costs about 28 wood and continuous stoking while the water is boiling. See the manual on Kettle for more info. Dessication 3 required to make this.

Acid can also be made with Acid Extract.

Research and Tuition

1000 are required to research Chemistry Recipe - Arsenic at University of Leadership

49 are required for Mechanics at School of Art and Music


Acid can be transformed into Metal Salts in an Acid Bath. Metal Salts are used for coloration in fireworks/pyrotechnics. There's a type of metal salt for almost every type of metal, but the Acid to make it is always the same.

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