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Mechanics allows tuning of automated machinery, including a Flax Gin and a Brick Machine, to make the machinery run faster. Each level of mechanics skill increases the chance that you will be able to tune a machine to the next level (having an extra key so its more likely that you'll have the one that is needed to do the next tuning).
It is possible to successfully tune a building after failing on the same building and neither your skill level nor the building's level has changed unless you have mechanics 1 and you receive the message that you cannot tune it until your skill goes up.

Clarification of high rank mechanics

At higher levels of mechanics you have a larger set of keys. As such this means that you should *eventually* be able to perform more tunings. However, as only one key appears to be selected per attempt it can take many more attempts than at lower levels to tune a specific building.

Source and Cost

Mechanics is a multi-school skill, with all ranks available at level 8 from: