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Steam Distaff

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Size 13x16
Where Compound

An improved version of Small Distaffs and Large Distaffs, having much more capacity. It is fueled with coal, works faster, and can be further upgraded.


This building becomes available once you have learned the Steam Mechanics technology.


In addition to the base cost to construct, steam distaffs require coal as a fuel source when running.

Initial Construction

Upgrade and Enlarge Hopper

After upgrading the hopper, it can spin 3000 at once, replacing 10 large distaffs.

Further Upgrade and Enlarge Hopper

This upgrades it to spin 9000 at once, replacing 30 distaffs.

Upgrade to Spin Cable


The steam distaff can be fueled with 1000 coal at a time.

  • Spin up to 1000 Lint into Thread (15 thread per lint).
  • Spin up to 1000 Tow into Twine (3 twine per tow).
  • Spin up to 1000 Twine into Rope (1 rope per 5 twine).
  • If upgraded with two Pinch Rollers, can spin up to 1000 wire into cable.

Base rate (no tuning or springbox) spins 2 items every teppy minute.

Like other automated buildings, it may be tuned and upgraded with a springbox.