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Water in Jugs

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Bulk 1
Weight 2

A jug filled with water. Standing near a water source with empty jugs in inventory will display the "water" action icon. Using that icon you will have the option to fill some or all of your empty jugs with water.

Action Icon

Water action icon

Filling a jug adds 1 to its weight.

While carrying Water in Jugs, there is an option in your "Skills.." menu, "Empty Jugs..", to dump the water and get the empty jugs back.

Using Water

As a general rule, actions that require water (such as filling a tub, watering vegetables, or gathering clay) merely empty the jug, and do not use up the jug itself. When "Water in Jugs" is required as a building material, a research donation, or a tuition for skills, these generally use up the jug as well as the water.

Research and Tuition

4000 are required for Advanced Blacksmithing at University of Art

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Amboss, Anvil, Barometer, Clay, Concrete, Flower Fertilizer, Gem Glue, Grain Fertilizer, Greenhouse, Guilds/Hapi-ness/Phoenix, Guilds/Hapi-ness/Steam Kiln, Hookah, Lime Emulsion, Mine, Navigation, Nut's Essence, Papyrus Tank, Persephone Furnace, Plaster, Retreat of Hypothesis, Southern Cross/Steam Distaff, Steam Distaff, Steam Kiln, Steam Rock Saw, Steam Shovel, Steam Silt Collector, Test of Seven Phoenix, Weed Killer

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