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Clay is a fundamental and common resource in Egypt. It is gathered from clay patches found throughout the world. Look for terrain, often close to water, where the ground is cracked. A "clay" action icon appears in the corner of your screen when you are standing on a clay patch.

To gather clay, click on the "clay" icon while holding at least one jug of water. (The image of the shovel in the icon is misleading; you do not need a shovel.) Each time you gather clay, you will empty one of your water jugs. You cannot gather clay in the same spot twice consecutively, so after you gather clay, move a little bit until you see the "clay" icon again. About 10% of the time, gathering clay will also get you a piece of flint.

Clay can also be automatically produced by a Raeli Oven equipped with a clay dredge.

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Test Structures

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Ant Colony, Blast Furnace, Charm of Flight, Compression Furnace, Desert Obelisk, Empty Hand Puzzle, Gyration Cell, Indonesian Bee Hive, Indonesian Bee Hives and Citrus Tree Care, Lesser Sphinx, Mutagenics Lab, Obelisk Construction 1, Pottery Deck, Salvage Techniques, Stella, Test of Khefre's Children, Wet Cistern, Wet Clay Bricks, Wet Clay Dome, Wet Clay Jugs, Wet Clay Mortar, Wet Pipe Segment