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Test of the Obelisk

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  Test of the  

The Test of the Obelisk is the first test available in the discipline of Architecture.

Construct an Obelisk of whatever height you desire. Taller obelisks require more materials to construct. To pass the test, build the largest obelisk of its kind that has ever stood in the area, and have it stand a period of time without being surpassed by any others.

To gain the principle of the test, merely build a 7-cubit obelisk.

As the telling continues and more players participate in the test, taller and taller obelisks are required in order to pass. This increasing difficulty is mitigated by the availability of new obelisk types as technology progresses. Thus, for example, passing the test in a certain area might require a 213-cubit Desert Obelisk but a mere 15-cubit Marble Obelisk.

Types of Obelisks

Passing the Principle

Build an Obelisk of seven cubits of any type.

After building a seven cubit obelisk and passing the principle, you can tear down the obelisk and get all the materials back, apart from those for the construction site. This is not possible for larger obelisks.

Warning: If you pass the test with your obelisk, or after an unspecified period of time, you won't be able to tear down your obelisk and salvage the materials. A passed obelisk will stand the whole Tale.

Passing the principle will get you a level. If you pass the test you will gain a rank in Architecture, which might or might not gain you another level. See Levels for more info.


Passing the Test

You can find out what the highest obelisk with power is by using your Tests > Test of the Obelisk... > Meditate on Obelisks menu. This will produce a list of all the largest obelisks that can be built, and how high the largest one is in the region. It will also tell you what minimum size you need to build to pass the test.

However, just building the obelisk isn't enough. If the tower is big enough, it will have power. Once you have built an obelisk that has power, you have to hold that power for 2 days and 8 hours. That is, nobody can build a bigger one in that time.

Obelisk Queues

Seeking to avoid unnecessary competition and waste, many (but by no means all) players voluntarily participate in regional obelisk queues, with each player in the queue building their obelisk in a pre-determined order and height until all have passed. It is considered common courtesy to let the residents of a region sign up first for obelisk queues.
Note that some people do not believe that queues should be used to determine the order in which people pass this test.

Note that a Cut Stone Obelisk requires Fertile Papyrus. Sterile papyrus will not work.