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Test of the Hegemon

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  Test of the  
  • Level 23
  • Unknown
  • Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.

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Demonstration Required

A Citizen of each region must be present.


Participate (vote) in 3 hegemonic census. You can only vote for one candidate per week and only in your home region.

Tale 2 Data

Test Details

The Test of the Hegemon grants the winner the one-time ability to pay for one month for a person (intended for new immigrants, but not restricted to that in Tale1). To use this power, go to Self > Tests > Use The Power of the Hegemon.

Egypt is split into rectangular districts and, to win, a candidate must place in the top three holders of districts (providing a minimum number of districts is held). If there is a tie in the top three, the pass will be retained for the next round (like the Conflict system), allowing four candidates to pass in the next round. There is one round each week.

To win a district, a candidate needs a simple majority of votes in the district (ties do not count as a win). In order to collect votes, a candidate must build one or more Hegemonic Census in different districts of Egypt. Any person may register their support for the builder by voting at the booth. They can only vote at one booth (voting elsewhere moves the vote), but the vote will remain until moved, withdrawn or the Hegemon candidate passes.

When a candidate passes, all of their Census buildings remain, but should be salvaged by said candidate.

Districts can change from election to election. The number can either double or half, based on how many districts have "low population". A district has a "low population" when the winner of the previous election had less than 7 votes from that district. If there are 3 or fewer districts with a low population, then the number of districts doubles. (Cell sizes cut in half, across all of Egypt) If there are 11 or more such districts, the number of districts halves. District boundaries appear to be based on the edges of the world. If there were 4 precincts (2EW, 2NS) then the center would be 1024,0.

Building Cost

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In Tale1, the minimum number of districts needed to pass was 3 when Egypt had 16 districts, and 2 when Egypt had 8.