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Papyrus Paper

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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Papyrus paper is manufactured by pressing papyrus (either fertile or sterile) in a Paper Press. A batch of 2 paper takes 60 seconds to press and requires 4 papyrus, using 4 linen for two batches.


Required By

Buildings, Ecology, Fireworks Mortar, Formal Garden Stella, Gazebo, Guilds/Pished Hermits/projects, Kitchen, Malting Tray, Navigation, Preservation, Salvage Techniques, Silkworm Farm, Structure Maintenance, Structure Repair, Test of Towers, Test of the Coalition, Test of the Hegemon, Test of the Pulse of the People, Trading Post

Produced By

Paper Press -Uses 4 Papyrus to create 2 Papyrus Paper in 60 TeppySeconds. Either Sterile Papyrus or Fertile Papyrus may be used.