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Structure Maintenance

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Structure Maintenance is used to maintain a Compound that does not have a cornerstone installed.

Source and Cost

Structure Maintenance is a multi-school skill. You may pay the tuitions in any order, but you may only purchase one degree at each allowed level (1, 4, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35).


Greater skill does not decrease cost of maintaining a compound. I tested it on one of my 97% compounds (quite large), and the maintenance cost was exactly the same with skill 3 as with skill 0 - MrIgnem.

This skill is broken and currently has no use. You can still maintain compounds even if you don't train the skill at all. The maintenance cost doesn't change even if you have high skill. The rate of compound decay is only based on the size of the compound and doesn't change even if you have structure maintenance skill.