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Sheet Glass

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Created on a Glazier's Bench using 1 deben of Normal Glass (1 Lime, 2 Potash, 10 Sand) each.

Success with sheet glass is governed by the leveled skill Sheet Glass Fabrication. You will get the skill the first time you fail in an attempt to make a sheet of glass, and may earn additional points every time you fail (other than from temperature problems) from there on out. At level seven of the skill, you should no longer fail to make a sheet of glass on an attempt unless you let the temperature rise above 2400 degrees or drop below 1600.

Requires Glassblowing to make.


Required By

Ant Colony, Automatic Loom, Beetle Terrarium, Buildings, Ceremonial Voting Booth, Funerary Temple, Glazier's Bench, Greenhouse, Guilds/Hapi-ness/Phoenix, Guilds/Pished Hermits/projects, Mirror, Papyrus Tank, Raeli Mosaic, Serpentarium, Silkworm Farm, Spire of Sun, Structure Maintenance, Test of Seven Phoenix, Test of the Raeli Mosaic, Trading Post, Vault Kiln

Produced By

Glazier's Bench