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Test of the Raeli Mosaic

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  Test of the  
Raeli Mosaic
  • Level 7
  • Unknown
  • Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.

Fracture brittle Raeli Tiles into unusual shapes, and fit them together to form a handsome mosaic. Your fellow Egyptians will judge you both on Color and Composition.


  • Build a Raeli Oven (optional)
  • Start the oven Dredging
  • Begin the Baking Process
  • Interrupt the Baking Process before the tiles are Black
  • Build a Raeli Mosaic
  • Tear down your Raeli Mosaic OR do the following:
    • Have Seven Judges rate your Raeli Mosaic
    • Design rated Good by most judges
  • You do NOT need to add tiles to the mosaic after building it, if you plan to tear down for priciple credit. You will get back materials based on your salvage skill


Build an intricate Mosaic using intricately shaped Raeli Tiles. A mosaic must be completely filled before it can be opened for judging.

Size N/A
Where Compound


Built in a Compound. Uses 28x37 cells.

Mosaic Locations

  • Green for recognized (passed) Mosaics (use "Gr" prefix on pin)
  • Red for unrecognized (unpassed) Mosaics (use "Rd" prefix on pin)

Demonstrate the Principle

What it took to unlock the test for Egypt:


See Test Pass History.

Region Coordinates Designer Passed Remarks RL Date opened
River Plains 1598, 2866 Tallow - Retro gaming tribute Feb 24 2012
Seven Lakes 1401, -1115 Karedas Passed Feb 25 2012
DoS -1009, 2133 Chet passed -
DoS -1011, 2133 Asud Not yet 16 Jun 2012
Seven Lakes 1170, -1255 Catote Not yet Feb 26 2012
Old Egypt 1039, 6906 Peabody Yes Funky Flower Feb 19 2012
River Plains 1395, 2828 Obol Not yet Feb 28 2012
Midlands 927, 4862 Sunandshadow Not yet Feb 29 2012
Sinai 3248, 4758 JosS Not yet Chaos Theory March 3 2012
River Plains 1570, 2830 Daniels Not yet The Pirate Hat March 4 2012
Midland Valley 929, 4861 Aetherfang Not yet My Hope March 11 2012
Seven Lakes 1412, -1127 Nissim Not yet My Father March 18 2012
River Plains 1396, 2826 Jyin Passed Invaders March 21 2012
River Plains 1397, 2828 natta Passed Sunrise in Egypt March 26 2012
River Plains 1497, 3497 Wampak Not Yet April 1 2012
River Plains 1339, 1979 Vege-Mon Not Yet
River Plains 1346, 1982 Tabi Not Yet
Seven Lakes 1407, -1155 JaylenaeYbarre Not Yet Precious Gems 6th May
River Plains 1528, 2819 Pira Not Yet
River Plains 1292,1857 Dalia Not Yet