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Test of The Formal Garden

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  Test of the  
Formal Garden
  • Level 11
  • Unknown
  • Demonstrated by ?? in ?? on ??.

Passing the Principle

The tab reads: "Formal Gardens are arrangements of flowers and labeled Stellae describing the arrangements, geneology, and design philosophy of the space."

  • Build a Gazebo
  • Plant a Flower
  • Crossbreed a Flower
  • Plant a Crossbred Flower
  • Build a Formal Garden Stella
  • Label a Stella
  • Open your Formal Garden for Judging
  • Have Seven Judges rate your Formal Garden
  • Design rated Good by most judges


is built in a Small Construction Site

example (beware flowers are added as extra's): ny9pg8.png

Designing Your Garden

"Choose a pleasing array of flowers and arrange them within a 100-foot radius of your Gazebo, which is probably best built in a scenic area away from too much traffic."

  Having less than 7 flowers OR more than 100 flowers within the 100 foot radius prevents you from opening your gazebo for judging!
  1 coordinate = 16 feet = about 5 meters. So 100 feet is roughly 6.25 coords (conversion source: Travel)

Choosing a scenic location can be helpful, as making pretty terrain prettier can be short work. You can also use other kinds of buildings to enhance the area, but remember that flowers create quite a bit of lag - you might want to take this in consideration when you build. Also, too many things in one place means that it will be tricky to see it all because of the caps on object rendering...Sometimes less is more.

How to judge a garden

Formal gardens may be judged by any Initiate of Art and Music, and should be judged for beauty and variety of flowers, not raw volume of plant matter.

  Keep in mind that the surrounding of a garden, many times, can not be helped - In other words, a garden in the middle of a desert
  has the potential to be just as spectacular as a garden set up in a highly decorated camp.

Unlike other art Tests, Formal Gardens may be tended after judging has opened.

Getting Flowers

These flower types are currently available:

  • Sea Lilies are obtainable at any University of Worship that has the Horticulture technology is researched.
  • Sand Blooms were given as event prizes. Currently, only the "Caliope" variant of Sand Bloom is in game.
  • Orchids were given as event prizes. Currently, only the "Avalon" variant of Orchid is in game.

Other types of flowers not currently available in Tale 6 are:

You may request one flower bulb of each type (one Sea Lily and one Rose of Ra) per character at any University of Worship that has researched the required techs (Horticulture for lilies, Xenobotany for roses. but take care...Once you have received a Lily or Rose from a University, you will never be able to get another Lily or Rose from a University - It's a 1 per character type of deal.

If you want any additional varieties, you'll have to trade for them. Some flowers (including all Sand Blooms and Orchids) cannot be gotten from the Universities at all; they come to us through various events and must be traded.

Probably the best method of getting flowers is via trade; there are many crossbreeders who have new strains of flowers for you to plant and/or cross. This is quite useful if you are interested in crossbreeding. Using hybrid bulbs that current breeders have developed means you can advance the progress of breeding rather than redoing the same basic crosses they've done. This means you can reach what would otherwise be difficult color/size combinations more quickly. So do a little homework, and contact breeders.

Crossbreeding Flowers

You can learn more about making new strains of flowers in the Genetics guides.

Where to find and vote on gardens

  • Green for recognized (passed) Gardens (use "Gr" prefix on pin)
  • Red for unrecognized (unpassed) Gardens (use "Rd" prefix on pin)

Region Coordinates Designer Theme (if any) Passed
Hinterlands -2612,-6295 Zhukuram Pharaoh's Garden: Oasis in the Desert Yes
MV 919, 4846 Dreasimy Dreasimy's Fountain Yes
MV 915, 4960 Rey Yes
RP 1570, 2811 Tallow Yes
RP 1498, 3304 Fuzz Yes
7 Lakes 1283, -867 Ariella The Garden in Eden Yes
7 Lakes 1324, -867 Pascalito Educational Crosses and Giants Yes
7 Lakes 1474, -988 Tammy & HD Family Tradition no
7 Lakes 1510, -969 ellorin no
7 Lakes 1414, -1118 Nissim Nissim's lounge bar & garden no
Sinai 2623, 5409 JosS In loving memory of Miralda Yes
7 Lakes 821, -1125 JaylenaeYbarre Relaxation built 24/06 , passed 25/06
Old Egypt 984, 6916 Peabody Peace No
RP 1495, 2795 Spark Family and Friends No
RP 1583 2554 GHawkins Rainbow Rabbit Ranch No
RP 1650, 2865 Jyin Flowers Infinity yes
RP 1660, 2865 natta Flowers Infinity yes
7L 1233, -640 Thaine Garden of Yang no
7L 1233, -640 Chelsis Garden of Yin no
VoK -2471, 5502 TreekaSu Treekas Garden of Wooden Delight no
RP 1289,1880 Nitocris A Place To Think no
7 Lakes 810,-1145 Thunderstorm Thunderstorms Tranquility NO, New 9 jan '13
RP 1430, 2980 Riqo Swirling Beauty No-built 5 Mar 13
RP 1578, 2644 Akana The Burial Garden of Akana No-built 9 Sept 13
RP 1688, 2290 KailaniLivian Garden of Ataraxia Passed 17 Aug 14